Best Sports Betting Sites

The internet has created a worldwide economy and the betting industry has exploded. Bettors on nearly every corner of the globe can now find an online bookmaker to do their business with. While there are legal restrictions regarding gambling in some countries, most punters find a way of circumventing the laws to get their bets on. But the question is which bookmakers should they use to get their bets on? Which are the best betting sites out there and what should punters look for when choosing which sportsbooks to go with?

Factors to Consider

There are a number of factors that bettors need to take into account when choosing a firm. Bonuses, free bets, and concessions should be at the forefront of punters consciousness, and they can vary significantly by bookmaker. Obtaining decent bonuses can provide a significant boost to punters betting bankrolls, especially when it comes to newbie bettors.

Sportsbooks fall over themselves trying to give potential new customers a reason to choose their company over another, so there’s plenty of choices when signing up. You’ll find a list of the best sports betting sites in your country listed in the table below.

Top Ranked Online Betting Websites

50% Up to $250
100% up to $500
50% Up to $1000
15% Up to $600
$1000 Bonus
15% Up to $600


Football is by far the most popular sport to bet on, and the best betting sites have an expansive betting section for the beautiful game. However, plenty of bettors have a passion for other sports, and an individual’s preferences for a particular discipline can dictate which bookmaker is most suitable for their needs. For instance, Northern European firms tend to have strong Handball, Ice Hockey and Bandy sections as the sports are popular in the region and the traders who compile the odds are confident enough in their knowledge to go against the punters. The major firms in the UK tend to offer betting markets on horse racing, but a large number of their European sportsbooks do not (horse racing markets require significant resources and constant attention as the odds continuously change).

Geographical location also matters within each individual sport as well. For instance, Turkish sportsbooks are more likely to have more robust and extensive betting markets for Turkish football than a firm operating out of the Caribbean Therefore the ‘best betting site’ can depend on both the location of an individual, and of the bookmaker.

Most bookmakers are expanding the number of deposit methods they offer to clients – however, there is still a fair amount of difference. The best sports betting sites accept debit/credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, cheques and much more. Customers in some countries where there are restrictions may be limited to using e-wallets (provide a degree of anonymity), and that will dictate which are the best betting sites to use.

Last but not least, the competitiveness of odds is important when choosing the best sports betting site. Bettors want to obtain the best possible value in their selections, and therefore having an account with a bookmaker who works to small margins is important. However, more than that, the best betting sites will be prepared to lay a sizable bet at the odds advertised. There are some bookmakers out there who offer fantastic odds, but then when customers try to have a big bet at those prices, they get knocked back by the traders. A blend of competitiveness, integrity, and willingness to take large bets are three important factors to consider when selecting the best betting sites.

The Best Betting Sites

There isn’t really a ‘right’ answer to which are the best sports betting sites – it really depends on a multitude of factors. Punters need to consider which sportsbooks match their needs in terms of the sports and markets they specialize in and they need to combine that with choosing a firm which offers fair prices and takes reasonably sized bets. Other considerations should include whether the bettor has any limitations in terms of the ways they can deposit into their betting accounts, and also the legality of betting in their country (some bookmakers won’t accept sign-ups from certain countries where online gambling is illegal or monopolized).

Last but not least, the concessions and bonuses on offers should be taken into account when choosing the best betting sites for you. Some firms offer cash back, sign-up bonuses, reloads and price enhancements. These can have a noticeable impact on a bettor’s long-term returns.

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