eSports Betting 2018

eSports is a new craze taking the online betting world by storm, and it is generating ever increasing turnover. In essence, eSports is a term which refers to organised multiplayer video game competitions, in which professional players participate. These games include fighting, first person shooter and multiplayer online battle arena competitions. It is big business, and is especially popular with the younger crowds, with fans coming in their droves to watch the tournaments live. Although organised video game competitions have been commonplace since the turn of the millennium, the significant advances in technology in recent years have helped to accelerate their popularity and reach to the masses.

While not all bookmakers are yet offering betting on eSports, many of the major operators are now recognising this phenomenon as a legitimate betting event and are offering markets on the tournaments. Here at Sports Betting Online, we have some great offers for eSports enthusiasts who want to get a bet on.

eSports Popularity

eSports has its origins in the technologically advanced country of South Korea. The early development of broadband in the Asian countries was a huge part of the expansion of the eSports industry and South Korea have been licensing pro-gamers since the year 2000. At the time there were around 10 tournaments – compare that to the 260 that were recorded in 2010, and the growth is there for all to see.

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Interestingly, although Japan is one of the major gaming countries in the world, its presence in the eSports world is underrepresented, mainly due to the stringent anti-gambling laws that are in place in the country, and the majority of tournaments are now held in China and Northern Europe, with over half of eSports participants living in the USA.

Nowadays, many eSports competitions are streamed online to viewers with, a popular platform for fans who want to watch the tournaments in action. YouTube has also recently launched its own livestreaming platform in response to the increased popularity of the sport. Although eSports are primarily streamed online, there has been some mainstream television coverage with ESPN2 broadcasting a profiling documentary prior to the finals of The International tournament in 2014. In a recent match between the Ninjas in Pyjamas and Counter Logic, Twitch stream reported that viewership numbers peaked at around 735,000, one of the highest in history (it is believed that online views have topped the 1 million mark at the grand final of the ESL One Katowice in March).

Where to Bet

Big firms such as William Hill have embraced eSports and regularly offer odds on more than one event at a time. The markets tend to comprise of head to head battles, with prices on outright victories for each team. Although eSports is still very new and as such the knowledge of the odds compilers is far from perfect, they still work to reasonable book percentages that are not unfair on the bettors.

All trends and research point to the fact the eSports is only going to grow further. As its popularity and exposure increases, more and more bookmakers will offer betting on the matches. Furthermore, the depth of markets is likely to increase, with correct scores, margins of victory and much more likely to be priced up. For the video gamer, there is nothing better than having a bet and watching the elite battle it out and here at Sports Betting Online, we have some great deals for bettors.

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