The Best FIFA Esports Betting Sites

With competitive FIFA 21 esports becoming ever more popular, your choice for betting on virtual matches and tournaments is growing, too. Read on to discover how FIFA betting works and the big upcoming tournaments to watch out for.

If you’re ready to get started, check out our list of the best FIFA 21 betting sites below.

Best FIFA 21 eSports Betting Sites May 2022
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FIFA Betting Explained

With more than 10 million players, FIFA 21 is one of the world’s most popular video games. So, it is no surprise that the EA Sports title became a competitive esports giant alongside the likes of League of Legends, Fortnite and Call of Duty.

While you can also bet on those other esports, the beauty of FIFA esports betting is that just about everyone understands even the basics of football, making it easier to assess the market and finalise your betting decisions. If you already have the occasional flutter on real-life football matches, you won’t have any problems moving into the virtual sports arena.

As the understanding and following for esports continue to grow at a phenomenal rate, FIFA betting is sure to appear more often on our betting slips.

Different Types of FIFA Bet

Once you have selected your favourite from our recommended FIFA 21 betting sites, you’ll find that getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply register your account, deposit some funds and you’re ready to bet on the best FIFA esports action in the world. Many of the significant tournaments stream live, so you can even follow the action to see how your bets are doing.

The selection of FIFA 21 betting choices will be familiar to anyone who bets on regular football. The most common bet is to back a player to win, draw or lose a particular match. The odds might show the player’s real name, his or her FIFA tag, a combination of the two or, if applicable, a team name.

Another popular FIFA betting type is an outright bet. Suitable for the big esports tournaments, this allows you to bet on who you think will win a particular competition. It’s just like betting on Tottenham winning the Premier League, for example (however unlikely that might seem).

Additional markets are different kinds of bets you can make. For example, you might bet on Player A scoring four goals in a game. Now it doesn’t matter what the result is, you just want your player to find the net four times. He or she could lose 10-4 for all you care.

Many FIFA 21 betting sites will allow in-play bets during the game. Here, you can opt for bets like which team will score next. This form of betting is entertaining when you are watching the game play out on a live stream.

FIFA Eworld Cup

The Biggest FIFA Competitions

Just like real football, FIFA betting hots up around the world’s biggest virtual tournaments. In real life we have the World Cup sending football fans into a frenzy, and in esports, we have the FIFA eWorld Cup.

The tournament sees the world’s 32 best players, who qualified through the EA Sports FIFA 21 Global Series, battle it out for ultimate glory and a life-changing cash prize.

There is a club version called the FIFA eClub World Cup which also offers betting opportunities. Don’t let your heart rule your head – bet for the best esport team, not your favourite real-life equivalent which might be rubbish in the virtual world.

While those are the big two regular tournaments, there are occasional one-off contests that attract the bookies’ interest. During the coronavirus pandemic, while real football was on hold, football stars like England’s Raheem Sterling took part in an ePremier League Invitational tournament.

Keep an eye on your FIFA betting sites for their odds on the latest matches.

The Future of FIFA Betting

The FIFA game franchise started way back in 1993 and got bigger and better every year. But while its popularity on Xbox and PlayStation has always been immense, it has only recently become a giant of the esport arenas.

With fast streaming now becoming a way of life, huge audiences follow the most prominent matches online (and in live arenas), something advertisers and sponsors have not been slow to pick up on. More money is pouring into events every year, and with the new interest, the bookies are making sure they get a piece of the action.

That means we can expect more tournaments with betting opportunities in the future, with the markets available widening all the time. Who knows, one day we might see FIFA 21 betting markets open up for yellow and red cards and the number of corners in a match?

FIFA Eworld Cup Betting

Is FIFA Betting Legal?

Absolutely. So long as the country in which you live allows online sports betting, as it does in the UK, then you can gamble legally on any market the bookmaker chooses, including esports. As well as FIFA tournaments, you will regularly see betting markets for League of Legends (nothing to do with football, by the way) and the bloodthirsty Call of Duty.

Can I Trust FIFA Betting Sites?

As with all forms of online gambling, you should only join a platform that you trust with your money and one that will conduct its business fairly.

Luckily, it’s easy to do this in the UK because online gambling operators are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. In order to earn and maintain a license, they are duty-bound by the strict regulations of the commission, which ensures not only that players’ funds are safe, but that the operator carries out its business correctly and legally.

We only recommend FIFA betting sites that are tried and tested, licensed and proven to operate fairly. We also take the following into account before we recommend any site.

Bonuses and Free Bets

When you visit a FIFA betting site for the first time, it will entice you to join and stay with them by dangling juicy carrots in front of your face, in the form of special promotions.

Offers come in various forms, but the most common might be a deposit bonus or a free bet. For example, in an upcoming FIFA tournament, you might be offered a deal of getting a free £5 bet after you’ve made your first £5 bet.

Promotions are getting ever more inventive and potentially rewarding, but a site’s bonus and incentive package must have really good terms for us to recommend it.

Customer Satisfaction

Competition within the online sports betting sector is sky high, with every bookmaker online vying for your business. While they may not be so keen to offer reduced odds to tempt you, since that will affect their bottom line, most will go the extra mile with their customer service to ensure they look after you.

We only recommend FIFA betting sites that have excellent customers service, which include things like live chat 24/7 and comprehensive FAQ sections.


We would never recommend a FIFA betting site that is not legal, and the way we guarantee this is only recommending UK Gambling Commission licensed operators. Playing on a site that is not covered by the UKGC means you have no redress if something goes wrong.

Safe and Secure

If we get any indication that even a licensed site is sailing close to the wind in terms of player safety and security, it will not make our sites recommendation list. We monitor not only the safety of players’ funds, but also the integrity of the markets offered, and protection of customers’ data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! FIFA 21 betting is entirely legal, and markets are opening up fast, alongside the rise in the number of online esports tournaments. You can bet on results, goals scored, tournament winners and more. It’s essential to bet with a licensed and, therefore, regulated sportsbook.

Most of the large, well-known online sports betting brands offer esports markets alongside usual markets like live football, cricket, horseracing and tennis. FIFA 21 betting is most prevalent when the big tournaments are live, such as the FIFA eWorld Cup.

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