Australian Sports Betting Sites 2020

Ozzy Betting SitesAustralia is one of the few nations to embrace sports betting and gambling in general. Australian society is liberal socially and gambling has become a part of life for nearly everyone. A recent study showed that 80% or more of Australian adults gamble, the highest rate in the world. Aussies will bet on anything and everything! Online sports betting in Australia has become a massive industry, with Aussie bookmakers at the forefront of wagering on sports online.

What are the best Aussie betting sites

As foreign betting sites are banned in Australia, the options are much fewer than those available overseas. However, we’re still left with a pretty decent selection of Aussie betting sites, as well as a few foreign bookies who are licensed here. Below we’ve listed the top betting sites in Australia that are rated based on their bonuses, the odds they offer and the general safety and security of the site.

Best Betting Sites in Australia January 2020
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Is it legal to bet sports online in Australia?

Sports betting online is completely legal in Australia. Some of the largest online bookmakers in the world are licensed and based in Australia. Like the United Kingdom, Aussie online bookmakers are regulated extremely carefully by the government, creating some of the most trusted and efficient online bookmakers in the world. Bookmakers licensed in Australia are free to accept gamblers from across the world as well, helping to grow the industry worldwide.

I’d like to bet, how do I deposit?

Since sports betting online is completely legal in Australia there will not be issues with credit cards or other forms of payment being declined. Neteller, Moneybookers, bank wires, and almost all forms of e-wallets will be able to be used for deposit. In almost all cases, money can be used to bet with instantly after depositing.

Withdrawals could not be simpler for customers and in most cases these will be processed within 24 hrs. Customers can cash out using the e-wallet they deposited in, receive a paper check, a bank wire, or choose from a multitude of other options.

Which Australian online bookmaker should I choose?

The Australian online bookmaker you choose can be determined by a number of factors. All Aussie online books will offer odds on Rugby Union, Rugby League, V8 Supercars, A-League Football, Aussie Rules, and Cricket. As mentioned before, since Aussie bookmakers are so large and Australians love to gamble so much, online bookmakers will most likely have odds on almost every sport in the world, including even those obscure or hard to find events.

Australian online bookmakers also offer deposit bonuses for new players and many bookmakers have lucrative deposit bonuses worth up to $1000 AUD. However, in some states in Australia such as Victoria, deposit bonuses and free bets have been suspended for Australian citizens. The government decided to do this to protect citizens from reckless or unsafe gambling. If a deposit bonus is a must have for you as a player, be sure to check your prospective online bookmaker and local laws to make sure this offer is available.

Australian law does not allow live betting for Australian citizens so even prominent Australian online bookmakers will not even allow their countrymen to wager on-the-fly. Though, half-time odds will still be available for most events. Also, depending on the state, this ban can extend to the use of betting exchanges. Once again check the laws and do your research before depositing, if this is important to you.

Are there taxes on online sports betting winnings for Australians?

Gambling winnings, including online sports betting are not taxed in Australia. The Aussie government considers all gambling winnings luck and assumes most people lose at gambling so therefore it is not taxed. The Australian government does not even recognize gambling as a profession, even gamblers with massive profits are just considered hobbyists.

Australians are the biggest gamblers on the planet with an average of $7,000 AUD per adult being wagered each year. Sports betting is a fixture in Australian life, with countless homegrown online bookies and the world’s largest betting population, you can be sure online sports betting will continue to grow in Australia. Bookie Selector

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