Guide to Betting On Boxing

Betting on boxing is hugely popular among sports fans, and below are some of the best online sportsbooks for boxing betting. You can also find boxing tips from our panel of experts right here on this website.

Boxing matches are some of the most exhilarating and physically challenging sporting events out there, and each year tons of fighters compete for a number of different title fights usually in the Las Vegas area. The sport of boxing involves two fighters (one against the other) whose goal is to either knock out the other fighter (known as a KO) or score more points than the other fighter by landing more punches throughout the rounds.  A knockout occurs when a fighter is knocked to the ground and cannot return to their feet within ten seconds. The matches are set up in rounds which are usually a no more than a few minutes each and there can be up to 12 rounds per match or more depending on the type of fight. If both fighters make it to the end of the match without a knockout the decision goes to a judging panel who will determine the winner based on who scored the most points by landing the most punches on their opponent in the match.

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How To Bet On Boxing

When it comes to boxing betting there are three major bets that are accepted by online sportsbooks including moneyline bets, total bets and in some cases, knockout bets. Below we’ve provided an overview of each of the different types of main options for betting on boxing, with examples of how they work and the betting payouts.

  • Moneyline: Picking the moneyline bet in boxing is similar to other sports where you are picking a winner of the fight straight up, with the difference in boxing betting that there is also a line for a draw or tie of the match. For example, in a given match, boxer A might be -150 , boxer B might be +200   and a draw may be odds of +650 . In this case, to win $100 from boxer one you’d have to bet $150, a $100 bet placed on boxer two would pay out a total of $200 and lastly, placing a $100 bet on an overall draw for the match would pay out $650.
  • Total Bet: The next popular type of wager in boxing betting is a ‘total bet’ where you can wager on one of two things – either the total number of rounds that the match will last or the total number of points scored. These wagers are set up as over/under bets s, for example, it may be presented as Over 7.5 Rounds +300 , Under 7.5 Rounds   which would mean the match is heavily favored to finish in under 7.5 rounds.  In this example, betting $100 on Over 7.5 Rounds would pay out $300 and to win $100 on Under 7.5 Rounds you’d need to wager $200.  This same type of bet can also be applied to totals for the number of points scored in the match by predicting how many punches the fighters will land in total during the match.
  • Knockout Bet: The last type of general option offered when betting on boxing is a knockout bet where you can wager on one boxer knocking out the other. It’s important to note that with this type of boxing betting you only win if the boxer is knocked out and will not win any other way, so be careful when making this wager. Knockout bets are set up using US standard odds on the +/- system, for example, boxer one by KO might be – 130, and boxer two by KO +175, this would mean boxer one is the favorite. To win $100 you’d have to bet $130, whereas, with boxer two, a bet of $100 would pay out $175 since they are the underdog for a knockout punch win. Bettors in Europe will find prices expressed in decimal odds, while UK punters will be used to the familiar format of fractional odds.

Major Boxing Events

When it comes to boxing betting there are a ton of different classes, leagues, and titles around the world so it’s difficult to narrow it down to specific events for the entire sport.  That being said, there are three major types of boxing events that occur in the sport which we’ve outlined to give you a better understanding of betting on boxing.

  • Title Fights: Also called Championship Fights, these are the more important fights for boxers and are held in all the weight classes (featherweight, lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight) in each of the respective leagues around the world. These are most important since the boxer is competing for a title which adds respect, rankings and possible endorsement deals to their career. Because of this, title fights tend to be deemed the most important and usually draw the biggest crowd of spectators and fans.
  • Promotion Fights: Another popular type of event in boxing is “big name” or promoted fights whereby two Boxing superstars meet up for a huge rivalry fight, usually in Las Vegas. These types of fights are organized for publicity and are extremely lucrative since they attract the most famous boxers into matches against one another. These are usually the fights that you will see the most since they are heavily promoted around the world to bring in huge crowds and sponsorship dollars from major corporate advertising partners.
  • Olympics: The last place where you’ll find major boxing events is at the Olympics, where it has been an official Olympic sport since 1904 when it was inducted into the summer line-up of events. During Olympic Boxing, fighters from qualifying countries compete in a round-robin style tournament all vying for the medals, including Gold (1st), Silver (2nd) and Bronze (3rd), which are awarded throughout the tournament.

Strategy for Boxing Betting

Research on your boxer is probably the best strategy we can give you on this site for boxing betting. It is a good idea to know your boxer before you start betting on boxing. The easy part about it is that you only have to study two players and not entire teams as in other sporting events. Below are some other helpful tips on betting to win.

  • Boxing Styles: Knowing what type of boxer you are betting on is important. Information, such as who has greater endurance, can really help your odds.
  • Previous Fights: If the boxers have fought before, who won and by how much is a good deciding factor on who to bet on.
  • Injuries: It’s a pretty obvious one but you have to know if there are any underlying injuries that might plague a match.
  • Similar Opponents: It’s good to cross-reference how the boxers did against similar opponents.
  • Compare Odds: Boxing betting odds can differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. Because of this, it would be of great value for you to compare the odds before placing your bet. That’s why betting on boxing online is so great – because you can compare the odds to other sportsbooks from the comfort of your own home.

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