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The Best Betting Apps – iOS & Android Betting

Many years ago, Apple told us ‘there’s an app for that’ and when it comes to sports betting, they were absolutely right. With so much choice available to UK bettors, we decided to take a more detailed look and sort the good from the bad when it comes to betting apps.

If you haven’t started using a betting app yet, you’ve been missing out – but there’s no time like the present. In this guide we will help you find the best betting app for you and cover the following:

  • The advantages of using betting apps
  • Our choice of the best betting apps
  • How to access app offers, in-play & more

Check out our list of bookmakers with top betting apps below.

the USABest Sports Betting Sites for Android, iPhone and iPad in the USA - May 2020
100% up to $1000
T&Cs Apply
Accepts Large Bets Accepts Large Bets Signup Bonus Signup Bonus In-Play Betting In-Play Betting Regular Promos Regular Promos
15% Up to $600
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Signup Bonus Signup Bonus Bitcoin Bitcoin Esports Betting Esports Betting Accepts Large Bets Accepts Large Bets
Cashback Promos Cashback Promos Regular Promos Regular Promos
+2 more
50% Up to $1000
T&Cs Apply
In-Play Betting In-Play Betting Regular Promos Regular Promos Signup Bonus Signup Bonus
50% Up to $250
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Accepts Large Bets Accepts Large Bets In-Play Betting In-Play Betting Regular Promos Regular Promos Partial Cash Out Partial Cash Out
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24/7 Support 24/7 Support Esports Betting Esports Betting Live Chat Live Chat
15% Up to $600
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Accepts Large Bets Accepts Large Bets In-Play Betting In-Play Betting Signup Bonus Signup Bonus
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Bitcoin Bitcoin Signup Bonus Signup Bonus Regular Promos Regular Promos
50% up to $1000
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Signup Bonus Signup Bonus In-Play Betting In-Play Betting

The Best Betting Apps UK

We’ve done a definitive ranking of the best betting apps for UK punters. We’ve considered a range of key factors including free bets and bonuses, app features, usability and speed.

In the end though, our criteria to reach this list was how good the app is overall. Some have better odds, offers or markets on specific sports but we’ve combined all the important factors to pick the best betting app across the board.

SBO’s Choice Other Good Options
best betting apps in the UK 888 Sports
888 Sports
Bet £10 get £40
£30 in Free Bets
£100 in Bet Credits
Easy-to-use app
Easy-to-use app
Free bet
Free bet
24 hour customer support
24 hour customer support

What Makes a Good Betting App?

Most UK bookmakers offer apps to their customers, but which features separate the best sports betting apps from the rest? Our team considers some key factors when looking at a new app, they include:

Reliable and Fast

Nobody wants an app that is glitchy, full of bugs or that crashes. Equally, you don’t want to have to wait ages for an app to load or bring up the odds you are looking for.

Usability and Design

As with any website or app, it’s important to be able to navigate easily and find what you’re looking for. It’s also a big plus for us when an app looks cool and it makes using it more enjoyable.

Plenty of In-play

In-play and football betting apps go hand in hand but what makes a good betting app great is a big selection of in-play available on multiple sports.

Great Bonuses and Free Bets

Bookies that have betting app offers are winners in our eyes. Everyone loves a betting bonus or free bets but there’s nothing worse than the offer only being available in a shop or on the main site.

Cash Out

Betting apps with cash out give you freedom that wasn’t possible before online betting. Every punter has bets that simply don’t go their way but cashing out allows you to save crucial funds. Apps are the best place to use cash out due to convenience and ease.

Stats and Live Streaming

Up to date stats are a key part of any bettor’s arsenal and apps are a great way to stay up to speed. Also, the best betting apps provide you with the chance to get closer to the action with live streaming.

Betting Apps for Android

Android Betting Apps

Betting apps for Android phones are hugely popular and new UK bookmakers release apps every day. If you’re looking to find the best android betting app, you can’t go wrong in considering the key features that make good betting apps.

There’s only usually a very small difference between Android and IOS apps and sports betting apps are no different. Look for apps that are reliable, easy to use, have in-play, cash out and some brilliant offers.

The main difference between using an Android and iPhone betting app is the way you download the app itself. If you are an Android user, download your preferred betting app in Google Play. When the download is complete, you can use the app in a very similar way to the desktop version of your favourite bookmaker.

If you’re signing up for a new account, make a deposit, enter any code you have for a bonus and then you can start making bets as normal. Take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the app as usually the only major difference between desktop and app versions is layout and design.

Withdrawing your funds from an Android betting app is also really simple and works in exactly the same way as a desktop site.

Betting Apps for iPhone

Iphone Betting Apps
Finding the best betting apps for iPhone is key for any bettor that uses Apple’s most popular device. Just like Android users, there’s nothing specific to IOS apps that you need to look out for if you’re an iPhone user. Just bear in mind what we consider when we’re looking for top betting apps.

All betting apps for iPhone need to be accessed through the App Store. If you know which betting app you want to download, simply search in the App Store to get started. After that, it’s pretty much plain sailing and there won’t be any big surprises.

Depositing, withdrawals, banking options and placing bets will all work in exactly the same way as if you were on a desktop site. However, make sure you check the latest bonuses and free bets section of your new app to check on exclusive offers for app users.

Betting Apps with Free Bets

One of the great benefits of betting online is the free bets and bonuses that are offered by UK bookies. Luckily for us, these offers are often extended and even enhanced for app users. All of the betting apps we have researched offer users some sort of bonus, however, there are a select few that offer something extra.

Here are our picks of the best betting apps with bonuses:

£30 in Free Bets
£5 No Deposit Bonus
£50 in Bonuses

Mobile Betting on Different Devices

It wasn’t that long ago that betting on mobile was a fairly new idea. But now there are plenty of new and intriguing ways to bet on different devices other than your mobile.

Tablet Betting Apps

One great option is the tablet. For the casual bettor, in particular, this can be the ideal device on which to bet.

It’s large enough that you can get good, high definition visuals – perfect for watching live streams – but convenient enough that you can pick up and play in a few taps without having to fire up a desktop computer.

Gambling Apps on Apple Watch

Apple Watches do much more than just tell the time: users can send messages, talk to Siri, track their fitness, and access a range of apps, including ones for betting.

Imagine being halfway through an intense gym workout and realising you’ve forgotten to back a winner in the big match, with just moments until kick-off. A few taps of the watch and you’re back in the game.

The Best Betting Apps for Different Sports

Everyone has their favourite sports to bet on and some apps specialise in specific sports. Most specialist sport betting apps are dedicated to 1 of the 2 big boys when it comes to UK sports betting – football and horse racing.

Football Betting Apps

Football betting apps are the most common and allow football fans to follow matches in-play, stream live and of course, to place ever popular accumulators.

‘Accas’ are a focus point for many betting apps. UK punters in particular love placing multiple bets on football and bookmakers provide apps that make that easy. Because of the emphasis on accumulators, cashouts, in-play and bonus offers are common.

Our team has researched a lot of the different football betting apps that are available and in our opinion, the best football betting app overall is Bet365.

Rank Betting Site No. of Markets on average Special Features Link
1 Bet365 120
  • Industry leader in markets offered
  • Create your own bets
2 Betway 100
  • Regular bonuses for existing customers
  • 24-hour customer service
3 SportNation 100
  • Exciting rewards scheme
  • Low minimum withdrawal limit
4 888 Sports 90
  • Great free bet offer
  • Mobile site and app available
5 22 Bet 80
  • Big welcome bonus
  • Easy to use app
6 Bethard 50
  • Exclusive VIP programme
  • Detailed stats page

Horse Racing Betting Apps

Unsurprisingly, as horse racing is the 2nd most popular sport to bet on in the UK, there are also lots of apps that specialise in it. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of watching a horse race that you have money on, particularly if it’s a major event like Cheltenham or Royal Ascot, but it’s not always possible to be there.

Many betting apps give horse racing fans a chance to enjoy the race with live streaming. Like football betting apps, horse betting apps also offer plenty of special offers for punters. These include welcome offers, extra places paid or even boosted odds if your horse wins by a big margin.

After researching all major bookmakers, our pick of the best betting app for horse racing is Black Type.

Rank Betting Site Best odds guaranteed? Special Features Link
1 BlackType Yes
  • No deposit fees
  • Outstanding odds
2 Betway Yes
  • Live streaming service
  • Rewards scheme
3 BetVictor Yes
  • Cashout and in-play
  • £30 in bonuses available
4 Bet365 Yes
  • Extensive ante-post odds available
  • Auto cash out feature

The Benefits of Using Betting Apps

Sports betting online changed the game for punters and apps are an extension of that. There are loads of perks to using gambling apps, including:


Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days. And if you’re serious about sports betting, it’s pretty crucial. The best bookmakers know this, and every big betting site provides an app. This means it’s easier than ever to place bets and stay up to speed with your favourite sports.


Physical bookmakers can be inconvenient to get to or even intimidating for newbies. Betting from the convenience of your phone is simple and easy, and the best betting apps make it a hugely enjoyable experience.

Special Offers

Bonuses and free bets are a major part of modern betting. By using betting apps, you can access deals that are available to normal punters as well as some exclusives. Nobody wants to miss out on a great deal but that’s exactly what could happen if you don’t have an app downloaded.


The importance of in-play betting can’t be overstated and 9 times out of 10, in-play is better on a mobile device. This is especially true if you attend the event you’re betting on or meet for a social gathering to watch it. For this reason, in-play betting has had a key role in boosting the popularity of betting apps.

Betting Apps vs Mobile Betting

There are two main ways to bet on a smartphone. The first is by accessing a bookmaker through your regular browser e.g Safari or Google Chrome. The second is by downloading an app. Is there any real difference? Is one better than the other?

There are pros and cons to both but overall, we recommend downloading a betting app if you are intending to make regular bets. If you use a browser to visit your favourite sports betting site you could run into the following issues:


  • Unable to access all features
  • Slower loading time
  • Mobile optimisation issues

If you’re only intending to use a bookie one time, it makes sense to access it through a browser. There’s not much point in downloading an iPhone betting app only to delete it a few minutes later – unless you’re doing so to access a specific bonus.

So, in these cases, it’s often prudent to visit a betting site via a browser. For instance, let’s say you see a welcome offer for a bookie you don’t really like. You may want to sign up just to take advantage of the bonus. This is the perfect time to access the bookies via your mobile browser.

Another consideration is the amount of storage on your smartphone. For models which only offer 16gb or 32gb, squeezing all your apps, photos and videos onto one device can be tricky. This is a very real concern for some users, and one possible reason against using bookmakers’ apps when they have a perfectly good mobile site which serves the same purpose.


There are some significant cons to using a browser to visit iPhone sports betting sites too. If you’re in a hurry – for, say, a live in-play bet on the footie – it’s much quicker to fire up an existing app than it is to visit a website. Most bookies have mobile-optimised websites, but not all. If your one doesn’t, it could be tricky navigating the site. And you might not even have access to all of the same features you would on the app.

Making deposits and withdrawals is also much easier on an app. This is one area which can be particularly fiddly using a browser – and certainly an area where an incorrect click could be costly. When using an app, generally these features are made bigger so it’s easy for you to click through.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of great betting apps available and it really depends on what you are looking for, however after considering a range of factors, our no.1 ranked betting app is 888 Sport.

Yes, most apps have the same offers as the main website, however occasionally there are exclusive offers for app users.

Mostly yes. There may be a few small differences in this like display and design however all the important things like bonuses, odds and cash out will be the same.

Every betting app offers odds and markets on football, but our favourite is Bet365. Their odds are consistently good, the welcome offer is excellent, and the app is easy to use.

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