Rugby Betting - Bet On Heineken Cup, Guinness Premiership & More

Betting Strategy Guide for Rugby

Rugby Football also known as just Rugby was created in England in the 19th Century. It is a game that uses an oval ball that players can pass backwards to another team mate in order to gain ground on your opposing team. The goal of the game is to bring the ball safely to the other side of the field to gain a score.  The team with the highest score wins.

There are about 13 to 15 players on the field depending on the league you play in and the game is not a game for the weak. The game is very physical and demands a lot of strength and speed to out run and out fight the other team to the other side of the field.  Today rugby has quickly become one of the more popular games to bet on with many different sports books and bookies carrying odds on some of the larger games.  Below we will help you determine the types of bets available to you and some of the more popular events to bet on.

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How To Bet On Rugby Matches

There are quite a few different types of wagers involved in betting on Rugby matches from simple point spreads to more complex and harder to win wagers. For specialist information on Rugby League betting, then you are best visiting our guide. Below we’ve outlined the major types of bets offered by odds makers on Rugby matches including examples of how to place and win each type of Rugby wager.

  • Supremacy Bet: is a type of bet on how many points a team will beat another team by. If the point is set at 5 that means team A has to beat team B five points to win.
  • Future Bet: is a type of wager that predicts the winner of a tournament or series. For example Team A has two to one odds on winning the best of 7 series against team B. If team A wins then bettors will get $2 for every dollar bet. Click here to read more about Future Betting.
  • First Try Scorer: This is a fun and high paying bet that many bettors like to use. The likelihood is low as the odds are good and it is a bet that which team will score the first point. This bet is fun to pair up with the outright winner bet as it keeps the game exciting from starting to finish.
  • Outright Winner: is a wager on who will win the game. The teams usually have odds next to them describing on how much the pay out would be for a win.  The team with the highest odds is usually the underdog and pays out the highest.
  • Total Points Betting: is a bet on how many points a certain match will have. You can bet over the amount or under the amount for a win. This bet is also called over/under.

Major Events in Rugby

Due to the fact that Rugby is played in so many countries there is much opportunity to bet on a lot of games. Below we have listed the top 6 events around the world that include a line up of popular Rugby tournaments as well as special events that are played in specific leagues within designated countries.

  • Rugby World Cup
  • The Guinness Premiership
  • Six Nations
  • Challenge Cup
  • Heineken Cup
  • Super Rugby

History of Rugby Games

Rugby started in the 19th century and was a game of football primarily played in public schools. The game started out as a game that players could pass the ball to team mates but could not run with the ball. There were sometimes no fixed limits to the number of players that were on the field at a given time.

In 1870 the Rugby Boys School devised the first set of rules that even allowed running with the ball.  Today Rugby is played all over the world and is very popular among countries of the commonwealth. There is now a possibility that Rugby will be included in the Olympic games in Rio in 2016 which will be a huge bump for the sport.

Most online sports books today will carry most of the large rugby matches and have some great odds. The popularity of the game has really risen to become one of the major sports of the world.

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