Virtual Sports Betting 2020

Bookmakers are continually looking for innovative new avenues to provide customers additional betting opportunities, and in recent years one of the ways they have managed to expand their offerings is through virtual sports. The improvements in technology and internet speed have enabled firms to create video game style action with great graphics that punters can bet on. Sports include football, greyhounds, motorsports, horse racing, cycling and tennis.

Punters have long been able to bet on virtual horse racing and greyhound racing in betting shops but now there are more and more events available online. Here at Sports Betting Online, we have some great concessions for bettors who want to get attractive bonuses when signing up with bookmakers who offer betting on virtual sports:

Bookmakers are devoting an increasing number of resources to virtual sports. Major firms such as William Hill have virtual betting on a number of events, and established UK bookmaker Ladbrokes are now synonymous with the line ‘there’s nothing virtual about a winner’.

How to Play Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are typically set up by each bookmaker on their website. The outcome of each race, match or event are generated by a random computer algorithm that ensures that there is absolutely no bias in the results, nor can they be predicted in advance by players. There is typically some previous ‘form’ for bettors to have a quick scour through before making their decision. There are a number of reasons virtual sports are a great way for punters to have a bet:

  • There is betting action pretty much 24/7, with virtual events starting every couple of minutes. Regardless of the time, customers can get a bet on something.
  • Bettors do not need to extensively study form, or have an idea about the teams involved as the results are completely random (the previous ‘form’ is there more for show than anything else)
    Therefore, those individuals looking for a bit of fun without the long research process can quickly get involved.
  • Virtual sports can be a good starting place for beginners to learn about staking and strategy before they progress to real sports.
  • Regardless of whether bettors like to back short odds or long shots, virtual sports can cater to punters needs, as in most events there are a spectrum of prices on offer.
  • The graphics have become so advanced that the matches can now appear very realistic for customers. This adds to the legitimacy of virtual sports and makes it more appealing than in the old days when the graphics were very basic. Bettors trust the new virtual sports more than in years gone by.

While there are plenty of advantages of virtual sports, there are also a few potential drawbacks that must be discussed. Critics argue that as bookmakers have so many events starting so regularly, this can lead to gambling addiction amongst some people. Furthermore, the lack of real life action and previous form can be a little off-putting for those bettors who like to conduct extensive research before placing their bets. All in all however, virtual sports represent a great opportunity for individuals to get the thrill of a bet and in essence they area new medium for bookmakers to offer games of chance (similar to casino and table games just in a different guise). Bookie Selector

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