The Best Virtual Cycling Betting Sites for 2022

Ready to venture inside a virtual velodrome and bet on simulated races? We’ve found the best virtual cycling betting sites to make it easy for you to find products which boast pixel-perfect graphics, engaging commentary, and up to 20 races per hour.

Continue reading our virtual cycling betting guide to learn:

  • How and where to bet on virtual races
  • Why virtual cycling betting is so popular
  • What types of markets and bets are available

Keep scrolling to learn more about virtual cycling, or get started at one of our favourite sites for virtual sports:

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What is Virtual Cycling Betting?

As the name suggests, it’s simply cycling, but virtual. Betting on virtual cycling is straightforward and races run round the clock. But how do the fundamentals work, and why are there different virtual cycling betting odds?

Here’s how virtual cycling betting works in a nutshell:

How Virtual Cycling Works

All the action takes place within a virtual velodrome. The graphics are so realistic that you’ll feel like you’re watching a race in person, but it’s all computer generated. Races feature between six and nine riders who compete over two to three laps, with the first over the finish line being declared the winner. Before the race begins, you can bet on who you think will win, just as you would for a real-life race.

Virtual Cycling Betting Odds

When studying virtual cycling betting odds, it can be a little confusing. One common question is, if the race is virtual, how can there be favourites and outsiders? The answer is that winners are determined using random number generators (RNGs). The favourite will have a wider scope of random outcomes that will see them win. Riders with longer odds will be less likely to win, but they may still do so. Virtual cycling betting is just as random as casino blackjack or roulette – but with flashier graphics!

The Outcome of the Race

As mentioned, riders with shorter odds have a higher chance of winning, and those with longer odds have less chance of winning. This is determined based on RNGs, and you can watch the action unfold as you would for a live race. The first rider over the finish line wins, and your winnings are released instantly. You can watch up to 20 races per hour on a single site.

Virtual Cycling Betting

Why Bet on Virtual Cycling?

Virtual sports betting is becoming a major part of online gambling, but players who are new to it are still sceptical. What makes it so appealing? And why should you bet on virtual cycling?

Here are five reasons betting on virtual cycling is popular:

Stellar Graphics – If you’ve never bet on it before, virtual cycling looks realistic. The detail that goes into the bicycles, velodromes, and racers is incredible, thanks to 720-1080p graphics. Visually, betting on virtual cycling is very realistic, which can help capture that ‘live’ experience.

Exciting Commentary – Another aspect which makes it feel like you’re watching a real race is the commentary. Fast-paced chatter on every twist and turn adds plenty of excitement, especially when an outsider makes a last-minute dash to overtake the favourite.

Frequent Races – Depending on the site you use, races run every three to nine minutes. The best virtual cycling betting sites can run up to 20 races per hour. This is good news for those of you who like lots of racing action, but don’t like waiting around between real-life races.

Open All Hours – Not only are times between races relatively short, but they also run round the clock. You don’t have to worry about whether it’s racing season, or even wait for the daytime, as virtual cycling accept bets 24/7. So, if you have a hankering for a race at 3am, you can be at the track in minutes.

Upsets Possible – Because the outcomes is determined using RNGs, upsets are possible. In fact, they’re more or less guaranteed, if you watch enough races. It’s always good fun watching your outside bet cycle to victory, and the boosted odds are handy as well.

How to Bet on Virtual Cycling

If you’ve never bet on virtual cycling before, don’t worry – it’s really easy. Here, we’ll break down exactly what you need to do to bet on a virtual cycling race:

  1. Open Your Account
    Join a Top Betting Site
    Before you can bet on virtual cycling, you must find a betting site which allows you to do so. You can find a list of the best betting sites for virtual cycling at the top of this page.
  2. Find the Cashier
    Make a Deposit
    Next up, you’ll need to add money to your account. All the best sites allow you to choose from several payment methods, including debit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.
  3. Choose Your Deposit Method
    Scout Upcoming Races
    Once you’ve set up an account and loaded up some funds, it’s time to check out the races on offer. You’ll be able to see who’s racing along with their odds.
  4. Choose Your Deposit Method
    Place Your Bets
    Decide who you think will win and place your bets. Remember, anybody can win because it’s based on RNGs. You don’t always have to stick with the favourite.
  5. Choose Your Deposit Method
    Enjoy the Race!
    Once your bets are placed, watch the action unfold ‘live’ and enjoy the exhilarating commentary. Watching the race is a huge part of the fun and helps make virtual cycling betting unique.

Most Popular Virtual Cycling Betting Markets

If you’re new to virtual cycling betting, you’ll probably begin by betting on a single race winner. But there are a few other markets which might interest you.

Let’s walk you through some of the betting options you’ll find at the top virtual cycling betting sites:

Race Winner

The most common bet in virtual cycling is race winner, and it’s also the most basic. You just need to pick out who you think will win and place a bet on them. Each racer’s odds will be clearly displayed before the race begins, and the first over the finish line is the winner.


If you want to boost your odds, you can make a forecast bet. This means you not only have to predict the winner but also the runner-up. You need to get both aspects of the bet correct to win, but the upside is that you’ll enjoy bigger odds, like a mini accumulator.


A tricast is like a forecast, but instead of betting on first and second, you’re betting on first, second and third. That makes it more difficult, but it also means that the odds are much bigger. Tricasts pay handsomely, but remember that they’re difficult to land.

Race Duration

Race duration offers something a little different. Instead of betting on who will win, you’ll bet on how long the race will last. There will be a set time, dictated by the bookies, and you can bet under or over that time. With this bet, it doesn’t matter who wins the actual race, just how long it lasts.

Alternatives to Virtual Cycling Betting

If you like the idea of virtual sports, but aren’t a massive cycling fan, you can try out some other variations. Most of them follow a similar format, offering realistic graphics and using RNGs to determine the outcome.

Here are some alternatives to virtual cycling betting:

Virtual Football Betting

Many of you will already be familiar with the wide range of football markets available, and many of these can be found in virtual football betting as well.

For example, you can bet on match results, the number of goals, and the winning margin. Each match lasts three minutes, and goals are capped at four per match.

Virtual Horse Racing Betting

Virtual horse racing is closer to virtual cycling, but instead of betting on cyclists you’re betting on horses and jockeys. You’ll have access to similar betting markets, with winners determined by RNGs, but the visuals will replicate horse races.


You will find a list of the best virtual cycling betting sites in our guide. These are sites which have been reviewed by our experts and specifically offer virtual cycling betting markets, often with useful welcome bonuses for newer players.

Virtual betting is growing as an industry, and virtual cycling betting growing in popularity all the time. There are other popular virtual sports such as football and horse racing which may be slightly more common, but virtual cycling betting is also a well-liked option.

If you’re betting on a race winner, you need your cyclist to cross the finish line first to win your virtual cycling bet. If you’re betting on a forecast or tricast, you need to predict two or three of the top positions. And for race duration, you’ll need to predict how long the race lasts.

Depending on the betting site, virtual cycling races can take place as quickly as every three minutes. One advantage of virtual sports is that they’re not limited by weather, daylight or seasons, so races can run 24/7.

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