Cricket Betting 2018

Cricket has a surprisingly passionate following, that’s unsurprising to those who were born in India, Australasia, United Kingdom, South Africa or West Indies. While cricket hasn’t caught mainstream attention elsewhere in the world, it’s growing in popularity and is continuously attracting new countries to participate on the global scale.

Here at Sports Betting Online, we’ve been brought up around cricket since an early age. To us, it’s not a foreign version of baseball; instead, it’s just a regular outdoor activity with our families. We’ve been following our respective countries on the international stage as they go head-to-head with other nations in Twenty20, ODI’s and Test matches. Moreover, to knock the bookmakers for six, we also study all of the latest domestic games and keep a close eye on who is performing on the club scene.

There’s no reason to be stumped by the endless number of online cricket betting sites; we’ve carefully selected several of the best all-rounders. Here’s why you’ll want to send these bookmakers out to bat for you:

  • Extensive betting options, and a wide variety of markets
  • Outstanding odds and offers for major cricket events
  • Unmatched support and security from brands we trust

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Cricket Betting Odds & Types

One of the great things about betting on cricket is that there are tons of options for bettors.  Many sporting events only allow you to bet on a winner and a loser cricket offers many alternatives.  People can wager on a number of items such as series scores, match scores and more.  They are all explained below.

Moneyline Bets: A money line wager is betting on the outcome of a match.  This is also called a straight up bet where you are betting on one outcome and get paid out depending on the odds.  A team that has a major advantage in a game will have lower odds then the underdog.  This gives incentive for bettors to bet on the underdog for a bigger pay off.  If the underdog wins they would pay out way more then if the stronger team wins.  This gives players a chance to bet on both teams if they wanted to.

Series Scores: When there is a series (more then one game) its possible to bet on the outcome of that series.  This is another form of a Moneyline bet but used on a series.

Match Scores: Is a cricket wager that tries to guess how many runs are scored in a game.

Top Bowler: Is a wager in which a bettor chooses the player that will take the most number of wickets.

Individual Bowlers Series Wickets: Is a wager on the number of wickets a particular bowler will get.

Odd or Even Run Scores: Like roulette is a bet on whether the score will be odd or even.

Major Cricket Events

Below are some of the major tournaments and events that happen in the Cricket world throughout the year:

ICC Cricket World Cup: Every 4 years the ICC world cup takes place using a 50 over per side format.

ICC Champion Trophy: Same as above but every 2 years.

ICC World 20: A two week event that is the championship of Twenty20 Cricket.

ICC Women’s World Cup: A female version of the ICC world cup.

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