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Cycling Betting 2021

Cycling Betting Sites

Despite not having the same reputation for excitement as other major sports, cycling is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling sports to watch.

The Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta e Espana (also known as the Grand Tours) are the most celebrated annual cycling events and catch the eyes of seasoned cyclists and fans from around the world. They’ll also draw attention from the many new fans who enjoy watching the fearless downhill rides and exciting finishes.

The cycling scene changes quickly. Up-and-coming riders can make an immediate impact on the big stages of the Grand Tours if they time their sprint correctly. Similarly to horse racing, winners can come from nowhere. To run a consistent long-term profit, our team of cycling experts follow the sport closely and study every event of the cycling calendar – not just the Grand Tours. When most fans are cheering for Chris Froome, Peter Sagan or Vincenzo Nibali, our expert team of tipsters are sitting back and waiting to see if that breakaway with a considerable underdog can make it all the way to end.

Through our years of experience, we’ve hand-picked several outstanding cycling betting sites. Here’s why you should bet with these bookmakers:

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Cycling Betting Odds

There are a plenty of cycling bets available to players that want to bet online. Individuals who occasionally wager on cycling races usually like to stick to simple bets. For instance, the way bettors wager on who wins a race. This bet is great for the casual fan because they likely aren’t familiar with many of the racers that are competing, especially those that aren’t very popular.  Cycling odds are listed a number of different formats and they include:

Moneyline Bets: which are in fractional odds and decimal format. Often times, the makeup of a particular sports book’s customers will determine which format is used. For example, Moneyline bets are found a great deal at sports books that cater to American players. European, Australian and Canadian betting sites often display their bets in decimal format.

Fractional Odds: are common in straight up bets. When a Sports book is accepting wagers on who will win a particular race, they often list it as a fractional bet. For example, a Sports book may be accepting 5/1 bets on Lance Armstrong. Which means for every $1 you wager on Lance Armstrong, you would be paid $5.00 for the win.

Moneyline Odds: wager listed as +600 would mean that a person wins $6 for every $1 bet. The odds are lower depending on the likelihood of winning the race.  If Lance Armstrong is the favourite then he would have lower odds which mean a lower pay out.  What is fun about this type of betting is that if you bet on the underdog there are some great pay outs.

Prop Bets: The great thing about online sports books is that you can bet on who wins a certain day, who has the fastest time in a round and which country is going to win.  There are a lot of different options players have when playing online vs. a regular bookie.  The best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home.  Be sure to check out our reviews of online betting sites anywhere on our pages.

Major Cycling Events to Bet On

Below we have compiled a list of the three most common events that people love to bet on.  Remember that a lot of the online bookers will have odds on many of the smaller races as well.

Giro d’Italia: also known as the tour of Italy, this race lasts3 weeks and covers most of the Italian coast and interior.

Vuelta a Espana: also known as the Tour of Spain, this is also another 3 week race which is part of the Grand Tours of Europe and is listed on the UCI World Ranking Calendar.

Tour De France: is the grand salami of cycling racing and betting.  The sport is covered immensely and brings in a lot of new fans to the sport.  Lance Armstrong has to be one of the best riders every to ride in this event.

Betting Tips on Cycling

Bettors looking to make bets on cycling events should really do their research on their sports books.  Luckily we have made it easy for you and have give our unbiased reviews to some of the better sites out there.  Many of the accounts will also allow you to bet on other sports and other games around the world.

Knowing your rider is equally important.  The great thing about the internet is that people can study all the past information on a rider and scout injury reports that are up to date by the hour.  Make sure you know your rider and how they have finished in previous races.

Weather also plays a big role in how a rider races and finishes.  Be sure to check out all your riding stats that are usually available with the sports books we have provided.

Tour De France Facts Betting Tips

  • All of our major sports books cover cycling so you can bet on all the current races.
  • The Tour de France began as a promotion for L’Auto magazine. The 2,500 km race began in Montgeron on the 1st July 1903
  • The race’s route covers a wide range of terrain and countries. The 1970s marked the first time a stage of the race was held in the UK.
  • There are four different coloured jerseys that can be awarded to the lead racers of different types at different stages of the race. Bookie Selector

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