Live Betting

Live Betting

A live betting option for customers has become the new must have across internet sportsbooks. Although not available at many online bookmakers, the sportsbooks that do offer live betting have captured the attention of action junkies across the world. In a few years, I wouldn’t be surprised if the every online sportsbook offered live betting options to keep players coming to their sites. The array of odds and games offered to live betting fans could keep sports gamblers glued to their TV and computer chair for days on end.

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What is live betting?

Live betting is the ability to bet on sporting events as they happen. Customers will be able to live bet nearly every sport in the world including Soccer, NFL Football, Baseball, Basketball and many more. Live betting gets you right into the action!

The live betting screen will have bets available on every pitch, every touch of the ball, or every throw downfield. The proposition bets offered on live betting sites are full of different types of bets leaving all types of sports bettors fulfilled. In a live action sport with no stoppages such as soccer, the live betting odds will change periodically throughout the game, depending on the score and each of the team’s performances.

In sports such as NFL football, where there are many stoppages, the live odds will disappear or lock after the completion of a play. The odds will then resurface before the next play starts, adjusted based on the results of the previous play. Customers can then choose from a betting board of different propositions and place their wager on the next play or outcome. Live bets will be settled shortly after the play and the wager will be reflected in your available funds.

Live betting offers an unbelievable amount of outcomes on each play, drive, or possession. From betting your favorite baseball player will hit a home run in his next at bat, to gambling that your favorite NFL team will score a touchdown on their opening drive, or wagering that your hometown soccer club will equalize in the 91st minute, live betting offers unique situations unlike anything else in sports gambling.

What factors should I consider when live betting?

Live betting for the first time can be extremely fun but also intimidating, with the chance in some cases to bet on multiple different outcomes every 20 seconds. Setting limits for yourself and being selective with your live bets will help you become successful.

I’m sure that most live bettors are probably watching or listening to the games they are betting on. If you aren’t, you are making a big mistake. I would never live bet on an event if I couldn’t watch it. Even an updated real time internet box score or a live match sheet won’t give you much information to go on, except the score of the match.

Live betting can be an asset to you, if you think the odds for a team are too high before the game, but would still like to bet them. Say, Manchester United was facing Everton, early in the game Everton scores a quick goal. Before game time, you were interested in betting United but thought the odds were a little too steep. Even though, Everton has quickly scored, you feel that United is playing well from behind and are getting promising chances. When the live betting odds change, United is a much cheaper price a goal down and with just a few minutes gone by. You feel like United has the class to finish the match with the win after a shaky start, and you can bet Manchester United to win at a much cheaper price.

With situations like this live betting can be very profitable to those who pick their spots correctly and can gauge the momentum of a game. It also offers opportunities to those who wagered in the sportsbook prior to the event and want to hedge their bets to secure a profit. Keep an eye on which way you think the betting audience is moving to try and anticipate line movement. Live betting can be a bit of a circus, so it is important to keep your emotions in check, not chase losses, and stick to your game plan.

The unique sports betting opportunities and excitement surrounding live betting can’t be matched anywhere else. The strategy and forecasting involved plus the interesting array of proposition bets, make live betting appealing to both professionals and recreational gamblers. Bookie Selector

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