The Best NBA 2K21 Betting Sites

The eSports betting market has yet to reach maturity and NBA eSports betting is among the newest options in the category. On this page, we will help you understand what it is all about. We have years of experience in the sports betting world and our team has created the list of NBA 2k21 betting sites below.

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Best NBA 2K21 eSports Betting Sites May 2022
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Why Do We Recommend These NBA 2k21 Betting Sites?

You want to deposit your money at the very best sites for NBA 2K21 betting. You have trusted us enough to visit this page, so we are only going to recommend the sports betting sites that are legal, and we have tried and tested. We consider a wide range of criteria before making a recommendation but all of the NBA 2k21 betting sites that made our list excelled in the following:


Arguably above all else, the NBA eSports betting sites must be legal, licensed, and regulated. We would never want to entrust our money to a black-market site and we certainly we never ask you to do so. Keep in mind, however, that each country or state has different gambling laws, so verify the laws in your jurisdiction just to be sure.


Promotions are not the be all, end all of an NBA 2K21 betting site, but all things being equal, why wouldn’t you go with one that has some good promos? The sites we recommend offer generous deposit bonuses and some offer things like free bets, as well.

Site Reputation

It should go without saying that any site at which you are considering NBA eSports betting had better have a stellar reputation in the industry. That means responsive customer service, easy and plentiful banking options, and an excellent website.


An NBA 2K21 betting site is only as good as how safe it keeps your funds. Every site we put on our recommended list keeps player funds separate from operating funds. That means if you want to cash out your money, it will always be there for you. All communications with the betting sites must be secure, as well, with encrypted account information all the way through.

NBA 2k E Sports League

What is NBA eSports Betting?

NBA eSports are competitive video game contests between professional gamers using the NBA 2K series. As this is being written, NBA 2K21 is the current version of the game. The matches are usually played on the XBOX One or PlayStation 4, but the game is also available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

The most common type of contest is the kind found in the official NBA 2K League. In these matches, teams of five professional gamers go up against each other, each controlling one of the five virtual players in the NBA 2K21 game. The video game itself looks as much like a real NBA basketball game as you will find today, complete with in-depth statistics and automated commentary by the virtual announcers (voiced by real NBA announcers like Kevin Harlan and Greg Anthony).

NBA eSports competitions involve just two professional gamers. Each player controls an entire team in NBA 2K21. NBA 2K21 eSports are not as popular as other, more established eSports like StarCraft or League of Legends, but this is mainly because NBA eSports have only been around for a couple years. Because the NBA 2K League was created by the NBA and Take-Two Interactive, the company that developed the NBA 2K franchise, NBA eSports should grow in popularity quickly.

Similarly, NBA 2K21 betting is not as prevalent as traditional sports wagering, but like all eSports, it is gaining traction. It is available at a number of well-established sports betting sites. We have combed through all of them and provided you our recommendations for the best NBA 2K21 betting sites right here.

NBA 2k 2021

NBA 2K21 Betting Odds

As NBA eSports are still in the early stages, there is little breadth in the types of bets NBA eSports betting sites offer. The three bets you can make on NBA 2K21 eSports contests are the following:

Point Spread Betting – the teams are given a handicap, a point spread by which the sportsbooks believe a team will win or lose. A winning bet on the favorite means that team won by more than the point spread. A winning bet on the underdog means that team either lost by less than the point spread or won the game outright.

Moneyline Betting – a simple bet on which team will win the game outright.

Totals Betting – a bet on whether the total combined score by the two teams will be over or under a target score.

Some sportsbooks offer in-play betting, which are wagers that can made while the match is in progress. The betting lines change constantly based on the game flow.

NBA eSports betting sites do not usually have prop bets on NBA 2K21 matches. A primary reason for this is that because NBA 2K21 betting is still in its infancy, both bookmakers and gamblers alike are still trying to get the lay of the land. Not as much is known about the game’s competitors compared to mature betting markets like football or baseball. As NBA eSports grows, so will the variety of wagers offered by the sites.

NBA eSports Betting Competitions

NBA 2K21 betting revolves around the NBA 2K League. An eSports joint venture between game developer Take-Two Interactive and the National Basketball Association, the NBA 2K League’s inaugural season was in 2018. There are currently 23 teams in the league – up from 17 in its first season – all but one of which is owned by an actual NBA team.

The competitors in the NBA 2K League are professional gamers. The virtual players in the game are generic basketball player archetypes, rather than versions of real-life players like James Harden, in order to level the playing field. Each competitor controls one of the players on the screen: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. This way, players rise or fall based on their own skill, rather than by what NBA player they happen to control.

The NBA 2K League plays through a regular season and playoffs, as well as special in-season tournaments and round-robin events. For the 2020 NBA 2K League season, the in-season tournaments and six round-robin events have a total prize pool of $500,000. The playoffs have a total prize pool of $900,000, with the champions receiving nearly half of that.

All players who were on teams last year will be paid a base salary of $37,500 for the 2020 season. 2020 first round draft picks will make a $35,000 base salary, while second round picks will earn a $33,000 base salary. Contracts are six-month deals and players can earn money from endorsements.

There are other, smaller competitions not affiliated with the league that provide some NBA 2K21 betting opportunities, but the official NBA 2K League is where it is at for NBA eSports right now.

NBA 2k to launch E Sports Tournament

Is NBA eSports Betting Legal?

The short answer: it depends on where you live. Gambling laws vary country to country, state to state, and the sports betting landscape is ever-changing, especially in the U.S. NBA eSports betting is legal in many jurisdictions.

Some of the major markets for NBA 2K21 betting include the U.K., Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Korea. Legal NBA eSports betting is expanding in the United States. We advise you to check the specific laws in your jurisdiction to see if NBA eSports betting is permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! While NBA 2K21 eSports betting is not as prevalent as mainstream sports like football and NFL, several sites offer wagers on NBA 2K League contests and other competitive matches.

Yes, you can find NBA wagers on any betting site worth its salt. As for NBA 2K21 betting, some, but not all, sports betting sites offer wagers on the eSport. The sites we recommend on this page all offer NBA eSports betting.

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