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Skiing is more than just a recreational sport or hobby. It’s a thrilling and competitive winter sport that attracts many thousands of spectators from all over the world.

As one of the most celebrated sports in the Winter Olympics, skiing also boasts an impressive range of disciplines. Some athletes excel in cross-country skiing, and others might be best at ski jumping. With a vast selection of events to choose from, bettors are exposed to many different competitions including time-trial races, point-based competitions, and even head-to-head races. Bookmakers are continually innovating skiing betting markets and offering up new options for fans and bettors who enjoy this exciting sport.

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How To Bet On Skiing Races

Most skiing bets are straight up wagers on who will win a particular race or races. They may be for the following type of skiing events.

  • Alpine Skiing: Includes a plethora of events that include the Slalom, Giant Slalom, the Super G, high-speed downhill and combination events.
  • Cross Country: Cross Country events are held for both women and men. There are races of varying distances. Competitions may include 1-on-1 races and/or team relays.
  • Biathlon: The winter biathlon usually consists of cross-country skiing and good old rifle shooting. There are several different types, including individual, pursuit, mass start, sprint and team relays.
  • Ski Jumping: Ski jumping is an extremely fun and exciting sporting event. It is often a Winter Olympics favorite. Those who enjoy betting on skiing often gravitate towards this event due to the spectacle of watching athletes perform huge jumps.

For most skiing betting, the odds will be presented as follows depending on the particular race:

  • Skier A -200
  • Skier B +200

In this example, skier A is the favorite and skier B is the underdog. A stake of 1 unit on skier A will return 1.5 units, while a stake of 1 unit on skier B will return 3 units.

Major Events in Skiing

  • Olympics: The Olympics are an exciting time for skiing bettors. At the Olympics, the best in the world gather to compete in order to determine who will win the Gold Medal and be the best of their field. Because the games get so much publicity, interest in skiing betting skyrockets. The Olympics are sometimes a good place for wagering on underdogs. This is because some competitors will not live up to expectations. This may be the result of the stress, the pressure of the games, or even injury.
  • FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup: This is another big event for professional skiers, with the 2017 edition held at Squaw Valley in California. The following races are held as part of the World Cup: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Downhill, Super G, Combined and Super Combined.

History of Skiing

Mathias Zdarsky also known as the “Father of the Alpine” started in 1890 and altered his skis by making them shorter and by 1896 had written his first book on skiing technique. From there skiing has really taken off in all countries around the world. Even countries without snow have teams in the winter Olympics which means that the sport is growing very rapidly. In 1843 the first ski jumping trails were held. This is probably one of the most fun of all sports to watch as it is very dangerous to the skier if they make a wrong move. Overall skiing is a fun and exciting sport that has become very popular.

Betting sites list odds on most events and betting on skiing continues to grow – particularly among those who enjoy the sport as a pastime. If you enjoy skiing betting look out for the bookmakers that offer free bets and promotions, those that accept bettors from your country, and be sure to hunt around for the best odds. Bookie Selector

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