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Betting Online in Ghana

Ghana is a West African country with a population of around 30 million. It regularly ranks among the top few countries within Africa for freedom of speech, and as a whole, the country is pretty liberal. Unlike in some countries where the government has a strict handle on the activities of its citizens, Ghana lets its population indulge a variety of activities, one of which includes gambling.

There is a huge interest in gambling and online betting in Ghana, and residents of the country have a plethora of options when it comes to where they place their bets. There are land-based bookmakers and plenty of online firms to choose from.

As mentioned, there are some fantastic options for Ghanaian gamblers, but we rate the following firms as the top ones for players to bet with because:

  • They provide excellent odds and a variety of sports to bet on
  • There are some fantastic sign-up bonuses and promotions for Ghanaian players
  • Customer services are responsive and helpful and speak great English
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How to Choose a Betting Site in Ghana

Although the betting market is regulated in Ghana, the extent to which the rules are strictly enforced has been questioned, with it being reportedly easy to obtain a license. That brings positives, as in a free market, consumers have plenty of choices and there is competition. However, it also brings its own issues insofar as there are many unscrupulous and illegitimate companies who will set up a rogue business at a relatively low cost and rip bettors off. As a result, it is imperative to only sign up to reputable bookmakers with a track history of being financially sound and paying customers out.

Gamblers in Ghana have the choice of the major international bookmakers, however, that is not to say that there are not some domestic operators who do a good job and are trustworthy. There are firms who operate brick and mortar shops in the capital and other cities, and obviously, they have solid reputations. When selecting a betting site, whether it be domestic or abroad, Ghanaian players need to consider a range of factors, including; the quality of the odds on offer, the payment methods available, the markets the bookmaker specialises in and much more. Obviously top of the list needs to be the legitimacy and security of the site, as there is no point having great odds and offers if once the money is in an account, it is nigh on impossible to get out.

Payment and Banking Options for Ghanaian Gamblers

The national currency of Ghana is the Cedi, which unsurprisingly isn’t available with the majority of bookmakers around the world. However, that is no problem as Ghanaian bettors can use other currencies such as US dollars, pounds sterling or Euros. While the Cedi is not a major currency, it is available with a number of domestic betting sites who have online operations, which is nice for Ghanaian players.

There are a wide variety of payment options available at the different bookmakers, with a popular option being Visa/Mastercard debit or credit cards.

Increasingly popular are e-wallets and these are methods available to Ghanaian bettors. The most popular e-wallets offered by the majority of bookmakers of Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap and Neteller. These firms allow customers to very quickly move money around between bookmakers without incurring significant fees, and with no need to keep on depositing back and forth from a bank account, e-wallets are the preference for many.

Other payment options available for online betting in Ghana include the conventional bank wire and cheque, and some more modern methods such as virtual prepaid cards such as EntroPay and Paysafecard. For the domestic sites, there are additional payment types such as vouchers that can be obtained in the land-based shops, Airtel money and MTN Mobile Money (mobile commerce services).

Can Ghanaian Players Get Free Sports Bets and Bonuses?

Absolutely. Bettors from some countries are often exempt from promotions and concessions due to the proliferation of bonus abuse, but luckily gamblers in Ghana are included in most of the promotions put on by the bookmakers in Ghana and around the world. Both the domestic operators and international firms have a range of attractive and inviting offers for new players from Ghana. Furthermore, some bookmakers will have VIP loyalty programs where regular players are rewarded, and certain firms will also implement ad-hoc promotions and individual free bets in order to create a brand loyalty.

Betting on Your Mobile in Ghana

Over the last decade, the number of internet users in Ghana has quadrupled, and a similar trend has been witnessed in ownership of smartphones. As a result, an increasing number of Ghanaian bettors have access to hundreds of different bookmakers at their fingertips. Naturally, all of the major European bookies have either mobile optimised sites that automatically load onto tablets or phones, or they have invested in legitimate downloadable apps that can be obtained from the app store, whether it be for an iPhone, Windows or Android. The Ghanaian bookmakers are catching up and the main firms have invested heavily in technology, with apps now available for locals.

Popular Sports to Bet on in Ghana

As with most countries around the world, football is the most popular sport, to watch, play and certainly to bet on. Sports fanatics in the country have access to matches from some of the top leagues around the world, with games from the English Premier League and La Liga in Spain regularly broadcast. Ghanaian bettors love to place bets on both domestic and foreign competitions with their bookmakers and with so many different firms and bet types, they have an endless amount of choice.

Boxing is also a sport which has high numbers of both viewers and participants. The capital city Accra has been a hotbed for boxing talent over the years, and there is plenty of interest and betting action on the big fights from around the world. Other sports such as table tennis, handball and judo have become more popular over the years and tennis remains a big betting sport in the country. 

Are Ghanaian Bookmakers Regulated?

Yes. There is an established gambling board in Ghana that regulates the industry. It is the Ghana Gaming Commission (GGC). The GGC covers all aspects of betting except for the lottery, which is controlled by the National Lottery Authority (NLA). The GGC covers all games of chance and is in place to ensure that everything is run legitimately in accordance with the Gaming Act 721 that was introduced back in 2006. As alluded to above, there have been criticisms of the effectiveness of the GGC, with a few unscrupulous firms getting licenses.

In a developing country, bribery and bungs will always be an issue, so it is important to ensure that you only sign up for accounts and bet with reputable and established companies with a track record of providing a fair service to their clients. If looking for a domestic bookmaker, those with brick and mortar shops are probably the best bet, as they cannot just disappear like an online firm that takes the money and runs.

The Future of Online Betting in Ghana

As things stand, it is pretty much a free market when it comes to online betting in Ghana. Without strict regulations or prohibition, the environment has created a number of growing domestic betting sites. Furthermore, international bookmakers from Europe and around the world are able to offer their services to Ghanaian bettors without the fear of reprise or threat from the government. English is the native language of the Ghanaian people, and with most of the major firms around their world using it as the default language, there are hundreds if not thousands of options for those from the country who like to bet. The easy access to betting sites from around the world has to have a positive effect on the domestic bookmakers, as bettors won’t settle for poor odds and service, as they have so many alternatives at their fingertips.

One slight setback for domestic firms is that the government have recently imposed a 17.5% tax on betting companies, as the powers that be noticed the trend of an increasing spend on gambling and saw the opportunity to collect revenue to help develop the communities. While this tax is obviously not insignificant, it may to some extent be offset by the increased turnover that domestic firms have experienced in recent years. The future of online betting in Ghana is bright, especially as the country continues to grow economically.

Sports Betting in Ghana FAQ

Is land-based gambling legal in Ghana?

Land-based gambling in Ghana is very popular with a number of different firms now operating betting shops. Improved advertising and disposable income have resulted in a general increase in interest in gambling across the board. Some land-based bookmakers in Ghana also own online betting sites, and bettors can fund their online accounts at the land-based shops.

Is online betting popular in Ghana?

Online betting in Ghana is becoming increasingly popular. Citizens of the country love to bet, and while many have not previously been able to afford computers, tablets or mobile phones, with technology becoming relatively cheaper and more accessible, citizens of Ghana are betting online in bigger numbers each year.

How do I make a profit from Ghanaian betting sites?

In order to make a profit from bookmakers who accept Ghanaian players, it is important to be disciplined and only bettors on games and matches that you know about. In order to get your betting bank built up, take advantage of some of the great sign up bonuses and free bets available. These will help you to get on a roll.

Which odds format is used for betting in Ghana?

The default odds format used in Ghana is the decimal system. This is becoming increasingly adopted around the world as it is very simple, giving a user their return for a unit stake of 1. However, with most bookmakers, Ghanaian bettors have the option to flick between fractional, decimal, US and other odds formats. Bookie Selector

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