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Formula 1 Betting Online Guide

FIA Formula One word Championship also known as Formula 1 is one of the most popular and exciting racing circuits in the world today.  The drivers that race in these matches are the best of the best and are ranked in the highest racing category.  There are over 600 million fans that turn out per season to see some of the fasted cars in the world.  Because of its extreme popularity there are many online sports books that carry this event.  This article will focus on the different types of bets people can use for F1 racing.  We will also discuss some of the major events and odds for F1 racers.  Lastly we will give a brief history of the sport.  Be sure to note that all recommended sports books will have F1 racing so you can bet from the comfort of your own home.

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Formula 1 Betting Types and Odds

Individuals looking for betting types have come to the right site.  Below we will discuss some of the different types of bets one can place on F1 racing.

Qualifying Bets: For the F1 races driver usually have to qualify for their starting position.  There is a race the day before where individuals can wager on qualifying times and positions.  This adds a bit of excitement to an already fast and fun event.

Money Line Bets: also known as straight up bets are the most common wager among bettors.  This is a bet that allows people to bet on who will win the race.  The odds will be placed next to each racers name so that you can make an informed decision.  See the example below:

Racer 1 -200
Racer 2 +200

If you were to bet $1 on Racer 1, you will receive 1.5*$1 which is a $1.50 return.  Racer 2’s odds are better, so your return will be bigger should he win. e.g. For every $1 you bet on Racer 2, you will get $3 in return. All sports books will list the odds next to the names of each racer.

Fastest Lap: is a wager on the racer that will have the fastest time on a lap for the race.  It does not have to be the winner.

Podium Finish: is a bet that has less odds then the money line bet as it predicts if a racer will land in the top three spots.

Points Finish: This is a wager on a driver landing in the top eight sports.  Usually the odds are low fore very good racers.

Safety Car: is a prop wager on if the safety car will be used for the race.

Winning Distance: This is a wager on how far ahead the winner will be of the second place driver.  This bet is measured in seconds.

F1 Events and Races

Grand Prix Races: Are races hosted in F1 countries. These events takes place on public streets and on circuits built especially for this purpose. It really makes for a good race when its on city streets as there are many tight turns. These are like qualifiers and how well a team performs at these races will determine their opportunity to win a World Championship.

World Drivers Championships: This race will determine who the best driver is for the season. Their Grand Prix finishes will determine if they have an opportunity to become a world champion or not.

World Constructors Championships: Is a race that determines who the World Constructors champion will be. During every race constructors are awarded points. These points are accumulated giving the opportunity to race for a championship.

Most of these events will be listed with the recommended sports books.  Now we will list some Formula 1 Betting Tips and Strategy.

F1 Betting Strategy and Tips

The best kind of tip that we recommend for all of our sports betting sites is make sure that you know your stuff.  Most bettors are fans of the sport and know much about the drivers and tracks that are out there.  Even the most novice fan can do really well with betting online as there are so many online tools out there to use to find out all about your racer.  Many good bettors know there stuff and can win big if they study hard.

Some factors that should be noted before betting are how many litres of fuel is in the car, winning steaks, and weather conditions.  Some drivers do not perform well in the rain so you should have a look at the forecast and check out your driver’s performance.

Even if you just betting for fun it is a good idea to use the odds listed to guide your decision.  You can tell by the number next to the driver to see how likely they are to win the race.  The lower the odds the better chance of winning.  The under dogs usually have high pay outs but have a slim chance of actually winning.  Make sure that you spread your bets around to keep it interesting and try a few prop bets as it makes the game more exciting.

F1 History

Most don’t know that F1 racing started as early as the 1920’s and 1930’s.  It was called the F A back then and began in 1946 with standard rules for all racers to follow so that it was a familiar race for all that drove it.

In 1962 the technology emerged producing new V8 engines that really gave the sport a name for its self.  New designs for cars were modeled and were put into production in the early 60’s.  The new cars really were exciting and brought many onlookers out to view them.  Today there is so much technology that pit crews and driver can converse about the performance of the car with up to date data.  There have been a number of drivers that have caught the attention of the world’s eye such as Michael Schumacher who has won a ton of championships.  The fan base has really been growing over the past years with over 600 million fans turning up to the events.

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