Beginners Guide to Water Polo Betting

Water polo is a game that many people might be familiar with but will be soon as it is becoming very popular around the world.  The game consists of six players on a team that try to pass a ball over water to their teammates to try to score a goal.  The sport is almost like soccer but in a pool and instead of kicking a ball in the net, players throw it in.  The sport has been around for a long time and has been a staple in the Olympics for many years.  This page is dedicated to discussing everything about water polo.  We will discuss Water Polo betting, odds, types, strategy and history.  We will also discuss some of the major water polo events around the world that bettors love to wager on.

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Water Polo Bets and Odds

Below we will discuss all of the types of bets one can make on the game of water polo.  Many bettors like to mix up their bets to make the game even more exciting then it already is.  See below for our examples.

Match Bets: Also known as a straight up bet is a wager on the outcome of a water polo match. Bettors are ultimately betting on who will win the match or that the game will end in a tie. Ties don’t occur that often so they pay out really well. Match bets are often presented in odds format. Following, is an example:

WP Team A: +150
WP Team B: +900
Tie: +600

In this example above, team A is expected to win. For every dollar placed the bettor wins $2.50. Team B is expected to get beat pretty handily based on these odds. As a result, individuals who bet on them and win, will be paid $10.00 for every $1.00, they wagered. This could mean huge pay offs for an upset.  This would be a risky bet and it would not be advised if the odds are so far off between teams.  For the tie, bettors will win $7.00 for every $1.00 they bet.

Total Score Bet: This is another pretty straightforward water polo bet that can be made. Bettors who make this bet are wagering on the number of points the two teams will score for a total combination. The sports book will list a number. Bettors will then bet on if they believe the teams will score more or less then that figure.  This bet is also known as Over/Under betting as you are trying to bet over or under the spread.

Prop Bets: Prop bets are an assortment of bets that each sports book make sup on their own. It can be any type of bet. They could range from specific players points per game or you can bet if the game might be tied at a certain time.  These bets are fun to make and keep the game exciting even if your team is getting walloped and you have lost your straight up bet.  Next we will discuss some of the games you can bet on around the world with different sports books.

Water Polo Major Events

Olympics: Summer Olympics are held every four years and this major world wide sporting event is a huge for competing national water polo teams. Every country that wishes to participate will front their best team in hopes of attaining the Olympic gold medal. This is a great time for individuals interested in betting on the sport. Sports books tend to offer lots of wagers during the Olympics and bettors tend to take them up on their offers in large numbers.

FINA Water Polo World League: Starting in 2002 this event was created in response to the buzz suddenly surrounding the sport after the 2000 Olympic games.  Many of the same international teams will come out and play this event.  This is a great opportunity for bettors to see what teams are playing like before the big match.

Water Polo Betting Strategy and Tips

Bettors should also always compare the different odds that sports books offer . This will ensure that they place bets at sports books that offer the best payouts. Joining more then one online gambling website will make such comparisons much easier.

Knowing your team and injuries will help.  Doing your research is key for good betting. Google is a good idea as it has a plethora of information such as team injuries and stats.  Even if its not your country playing you should know how they would match up against other teams.  Bettors with the most knowledge seem to do very well.  Knowing your stats and players right up to the start time could be very crucial in how you place your bet.

Water Polo History

Not many people know that water polo was one of the first sports that was introduced to the first Olympic games in the 1900’s.  The modern game originated as a form of rugby football played in lakes and rivers in England.  The most famous of matches was in the 1956 Summer Olympics between Hungary and the USSR.  This was at a time of the Hungarian Revolution, subsequently crushed by the USSR in that year.  The Hungarians were able to defeat the Soviets 4-0 which was a big uplift for the country.  The game was called off towards the end to stop the angry fans after there was a punch to the face to one of the Hungarian players.  Today there are many leagues and teams around the world especially in Europe where the sport has taken off.   It is a great game to play and it will keep you in shape with all the physical activity involved.

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