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Many people don’t know that they can bet on not only sports with sports books but also on entertainment events like reality TV shows such as American Idol.  Some say that there is more betting on Reality TV shows then there is on some sporting events.  Shows like American Idol, Oscars, Survivor and The Bachelor are some of the most popular betting shows out there.  You don’t have to wait for your friends to bet as you can bet on outcomes from your own home.  Sports books online are now catering to this market and you can find some of the most popular events to bet on.

The sports books will have an entertainment tab that users can use to bet on the big events and other award shows.  The great thing about them is that your same account can be used on sporting events as well.  Below we will help you determine what types of bets one can play when wagering on reality TV award shows.  We will also list some popular TV shows you can bet on and offer you some betting tips to help you win money online.

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Types of Entertainment Bets

Here we will discuss the types of online bets one can make on most entertainment sports books.  Most people think that there are only straight up bets allowed on shows such as American Idol and Bachelor.  The funny thing is that you can apply many other sports bets on Entertainment Betting.

Moneyline Bet – also known as the straight up bet this bet can be placed on who you think is going to win.  This is probably one of the more popular wagers for entertainment betting.

Over/Under Betting – is a wager on if a score will be higher or lower then what the sports books places.  For instance 3 rounds for how many rounds a celebrity-boxing match will take.  You can bet that it will go over the amount or under.  If you are right you win.  Also you can bet on the amount of votes that will occur for an American Idol contestant.  These bets are fun as you can keep playing them as the show goes on and there are new challenges to bet on.

Spread Betting – a wager placed on a show such as American Idol where you can bet on the spread between the differences in votes of the two opponents.  This can also be used on celebrity boxing and other celebrity sporting events.  Anywhere there are votes being counted sports books will offer this type of bet.

TV and Celebrity Betting

Reality TV Show Betting – Many sports books are now holding Money line bets on shows like American Idol, So you think you can Dance, Survivor and many more reality TV shows.  There are millions of people voting and there are many other betting on the shows outcome.  This show has really created online buzz with sports books so they carry all the big Idol events.  You can check out any of the online sports books to see who offers the best odds on these events.

Award Show Betting – Oscars, Emmys and Grammys all fall into this category.  Bettors can wager on all types of events to predict the winners of these very popular award shows.  The Oscars are the most bet on of Award shows as they are the most watched.  Many places will offer pools, but some good money can be made online if you are good at predicting the winners.

Baby Name Betting – Many people were in a frenzy to find out that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were having a kid.  Many people were betting on the name of the child and some sports books carry this type of betting.  Did not think that you could actually bet on this stuff but you learn something new every day.

With social media such a big part of everyday life, sports stars are becoming celebrities in their own right. Could you predict the most active footballers on social media?

Betting Tips

Betting on TV and stars is a fun way to collect some good money.  Use celebrity blogs to try to get the inside information such as TMZ.  These blogs are great for getting the scoop on who is going to win.

Study the Trends – Many people know that most of these shows that are more controlled then a Survivor type show know that they love to throw curve balls.  Be aware of the under dog as they usually make a come back towards the end of the show and knock out the front-runner.  We see this on shows such as The Bachelor.

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