Betting On Rally Car Racing

Rally Car Racing also known as rallying is a type of car race that takes place on either private or public roads with modified or specially made cars. The sport is defined by running a circuit or lap drivers race and win by speed and completing their stages. Rallies come in two forms that are called stage rallies and road rallies.  The Road Rallies are the most original form of rally racing and are usually held on highways open to normal traffic. Think of the movie fast and the furious and you will get the picture. Sometimes in these races it’s not about the overall speed but rather your vehicle reliability and manoeuvring your car over long distances. These events are usually armature events and don’t really happen on the professional level.

Stage Rallies are pretty straightforward as the driver’s goal is to speed over vast stretches of closed roads that can vary from asphalt, stone, snow or dirt.  Each course is designed to provide an enjoyable yet challenging ride for its driver and crew. The great part about this kind of racing is that with the weather it becomes very unpredictable on who will win as there are many hazards.

Trials is what some early rallies were called (also racing trials) and this term is usually used when describing drivers that try to shoot up hills at a very quick speed in order to qualify for other major races and events happening throughout the season.

Best Bookies Taking Bets on Rallying

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How To Bet On Rally Racing

When people are looking to place bets online or at the track for rally racing there are usually two types of bets bettors can use. The first is called a straight up bet and the other is called an each way bet. Depending on which online sports book you use they might have match bets as well. Below we will discuss both bets.

  • Outright Winner Bet: A bet that one particular rally racer will win the entire event. Players can take the favourite in hopes of winning the wager offering the lower odds or you can bet on the underdog who will have better odds if they win. If they desire the former, it is a good idea to bet on the individual whose racing specialty is that particular race. An example of this would be if you bet on Driver A who as odds of 6:1 and is the favourite to win and wins. You will receive $6 for every $1 you bet on him.  If driver B has 100:1 odds and is the underdog then you will get $100 for every dollar you put down.
  • Each Way Bet: Is another wager that is a separate two part bet.  It consists of a win bet and place bet. The former is a wager that a particular racer will win and the second is that they will place which means that they need to finish on the podium

Major Events in Rally

There are a ton of different Rally races around the world ranging from professional tournaments to illegal underground races in cities.  Of the legitimate events, most are broken down into races by country or region and include events like Rally of Turkey, Corona Rally Mexico, Jordan Rally, Rally Sweden, Rally New Zealand, Vodafone Rally de Portugal, Rally Bulgaria, Nestle Oil Rally Finland, ADAC Rally Deutschland, Rally Japan, RACC Rally de Espana, Rally Great Britainas well as the Rallye de France.

History of Rally

Many don’t know that rally racing has been around for a very long time and did not always involve cars. Many individuals in the 1930 used horses to bet on who would win or loose. Rallying really got underway in the 1950’s with the long distance road rallies.  Also RAC rallies became very popular in 1951 even though there was few British roads to use.  In 1979, Thierry Sabine, founded a legacy when he organised the first “rally raid” that went from Paris to Dakar, in Senegal, now called the Dakar Rally.

From amateur beginnings it quickly became a huge commercial circus catering for cars, motorcycles and trucks, and spawned other similar events.. The event has now been moved to South America as of 2008.  Modern day rallies have become the norm for individuals and bettors a like. It places a premium on speed and has caught the eye of other countries such as Scandinavia and Belgium.

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