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Many people might not think that a lot of people bet on political events and outcomes and that it’s a complete waste of time. What many don’t know, is that there is much money to be made in the increasingly large world of political betting. Bookmaker online and around the world have added political betting markets due to its popular demand.

Because there is always some sort of election or congressional nomination going on in the world bets are pretty popular. The most popular of these bets is the US Presidential race that in the past few years has been tight. The great thing about online sports books is that not only can you bet on your favourite politicians but you can also bet on outcomes around the world. Below we will discuss the different odds and betting types for political betting and go through some examples of each. First, let’s take a look at the best websites for betting on the political events, including the US presidential election.

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How To Bet On Politics

When it comes to betting on politics, there’s really only two types of bets you can make including the straight up and money line bets.  Since the scope of politics is narrow in comparison to other sports you will see most bookmakers only offering these two types of bets which we’ve outlined for you in detail below.

  • Straight Up Bet: The straight up bet is usually the most common type of bet that one would place when betting on politics. This bet is basically a wager on who will win a certain election or riding. The odds would be given to each candidate before the end of the elections and its up to you to bet on who wins. The favourite to win will have lower odds and the underdog will have higher odds. An example of this is during the 2010 US Presidential race Barack Obama had odds of 2:1 which meant that for every dollar you put down you would get $2 back. As for Senator McCain, his odds were 4:1 so that every dollar wagered to win would result in $4 back. McCain had a chance to win but Obama was the favourite and paid less.
  • Money Line Bets: Another type of bet is a money line bet which is a wager on how much a certain candidate would win by.  For example using the 2010 US Presidential race, if one was to wager that Obama would take at least 50% of all the states that would be considered a money line bet. These bets are quite fun as you can bet straight up on one candidate and bet on if another candidate would take a state.

Major Political Elections

  • Presidential Elections (US): this election is probably one of the most popular and most watched across the globe. The person that takes office is usually considered one of the most powerful people in the world. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the primaries and the final election between the two parties in the US. This is also a great time for bettors to make wagers as it adds to all the excitement. The elections happen every 4 years and occur in October/November, with the winner being elected President of the United States and moving to the White House.
  • Congressional Elections: Not all sports books carry these elections but Congressional elections are also very popular to bet on in the US. Certain races like the governor of California (Arnold Schwarzenegger) were very highly covered and many sports books placed bets.

Tips for Political Betting

The best way to become really good at betting on politics is to become very good at predicting the popularity of each candidate. External factors that come into play are scandals and death which are really hard to predict. The leading and most popular candidate can change from day to day and this was evident in the US primaries where Obama beat out Hilary Clinton. Many people had their money on the Hill Dog as the one to win it.  Political bettors also must keep abreast of the so called “temperature” of a candidate as they are running for office. Politics is very dirty and ruthless and it all depends on the image of the person running and they have to be squeaky clean in order to pass through popular opinion.

The best way to keep track of your lucky candidate is by using the internet. It is one of the best ways to have instant updates on your candidates and their competition. Usually when information is leaked its on either a blog or a very big internet site.  News programs such as CNN and others are great for keeping track of up to date facts and have great access to public opinion polls.  Using these types of media will not always help you pick a winner but it will give you the most up to date standing of each of you candidates.  The online sports books will usually offer the best odds on the underdog candidates.  For bettors looking for more risk and a higher payout will like to bet on the underdog.

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