Darts Betting 2022

Darts is one of the best sports to bet on whilst watching live. The range of bets combined with the excitement of the game makes it fun no matter how much you know about darts betting. But what are the best sites for darts betting?

Our team are huge fans of darts betting so we decided to do the leg work for you and compile a list of the best darts betting sites available. They include:

  • Extremely competitive odds for all darts betting markets
  • A long list of promotions, bonuses, and welcome offers
  • Simple and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods

Sign up at one of our recommended darts betting sites below or keep reading to find out more about betting on darts.

the USAThe Best Sites for Darts Betting in the USA - July 2022
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Different Bets in Darts

Considering a few different new betting sites for darts betting? Firstly, we have compiled the list above based on suitability for darts, so that’s a great place to start. However, it’s also important to know the three types of bets that individuals can wager on when betting on darts. The three most common darts betting markets are Outright Bets, Leg Bets, and Set Bets.

Outright Bets: Betting on the outright winner of a match is probably the most common type of darts betting around, and arguably the most popular. Each darts players listed by a bookmaker will have odds next to their name for wagering purposes. The outright bet is a wager indicating that your chosen player will win the match. Let’s say that Peter Wright has +300   next to his name. What that means is that for every unit you bet on Wright you will win three units and get your stake back, resulting in a return of four units. Usually, the best player will have the lowest odds and the underdog will have bigger odds. This really gives individuals the chance to win big if they feel that there is going to be an upset.

Leg Betting: Each darts game is made up of legs and sets. Typically, each set is played over the best of five legs and the match may be the best of five, seven or nine sets. The format varies from tournament to tournament with matches usually getting longer as the competition progresses. This particular bet is a wager on which player will win a certain leg.

Set Betting: As above, this type of bet is a wager on which player will win a given set during the match. Players take it in turns to throw first in each leg, which offers a distinct advantage, so bear that in mind when betting on a player to win a set or leg.

Before you start betting on darts it is essential to learn about the players and do some research. Which players are in the best form? Does a player tend to do better in longer format games or quickfire matches? The crowds at darts tournaments are renowned for being loud and raucous, this can make a huge difference to a player if he is competing in his home country or town as that local support can spur him to victory.

Betting on darts, or betting on any sport for that matter, can be more or less profitable depending on finding the value in the odds. This is why finding the best odds is so crucial to a bettor’s bottom line. To do so, we recommend comparing odds from a number of bookmakers before taking the plunge and putting your money down.

Major Darts Events

When it comes to betting on darts events there are multiple tournaments held throughout Europe and the rest of the world each year. Below we have provided a summary of some of the major events along with the details for each:

UK Open Darts: Is an event that happens in the UK, features over 128 dart players and is set up by the Professional Darts Corporation UK (PDC-UK). The tournament was played at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton up until 2013 before it moved to Butlin’s in Minehead.

PDC World Championship: Is a championship held by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). It started in 1994 after there was a division between the PDC and the British Darts Association. This tournament is held at the world-famous Alexandra Palace in London. Held over the Christmas period each year, it is widely regarded as the pinnacle of the sport.

Darts Premier League: Is a league tournament that was founded in 2005 by the (PDC). It takes place in the United Kingdom and features the top eight players of the world.

BDO World Championship: Is a championship tournament is hosted by the British Darts Organization (BDO). This was one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments in the world for dart players. It has been a steady presence in the dart world since 1978. The PDC was formed in 1994 after a split with the BDO, and now the very best players in the world tend to compete in the PDC due to its higher profile and bigger prize funds.

The World Match Play: Is yet another tournament put on by the PDC. In a change to the standard format, throwers have to win by two clear legs. The event takes place in Blackpool and has been a fixture in professional darts since 1994.  Some of the matches have been known to go on for quite some time due to that rule change, which makes darts betting on these matches all the more tense and exciting.

World Grand Prix: Hosted by the PDC in Dublin, Ireland. It takes place each October.

PDC Home Tour: A unique moment in sporting history saw the creation of the PDC Home Tour in April 2020. As the sporting world was brought to a complete halt by the outbreak of the coronavirus, darts was in a privileged position. It’s one of the only sports in the world where the 2 players don’t actually need to be in the same place. Thanks to the internet and some quick thinking from the PDC, the tournament, featuring some of the biggest names in darts, got underway.

Darts Betting FAQs

As it is most popular in the UK, most darts betting odds will be displayed in fractional format. If you’re betting on an underdog, the number on the right of the odds will be the amount you stake to win the number on the left. E.g 2/1 – if you bet 1, you can win 2. If you’re betting on a favourite it’s reversed e.g 1/3 – if you bet 3, you can win 1.

Just like any other sport, darts betting starts with joining a betting site, choosing the market you want to bet on and then adding it to your betslip. Once you’re happy with the odds and amount you want to stake, click confirm.

Yes, as long as you are betting in a country that allows sports betting, you can bet on darts. Darts betting is hugely popular in the UK thanks to Sky TV coverage.

All of the best betting sites will offer darts betting odds but some stand out from the crowd due to their bonuses, amount of markets on offer and value. We’ve compiled them in the list above.

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