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How To Bet Online In Vietnam

betting in vietnamClick vào đây cho phiên bản tiếng Việt

Owning a betting website is illegal in Vietnam, so there are no local online bookies that are legal to use. There are however many foreign bookies that are licensed and legal in other countries. Some offer betting accounts in Vietnamese dong (VND) and support Vietnamese language (tiếng Việt). The best example is Their gambling license is from Isle of Man and is valid in most countries. Because they are licensed, they are legal for players to use under international law. Vietnam police have no authority over websites like 188bet, however the cyber-police do censor alot of online betting sites to stop Vietnamese residents from using them.

Getting Around Internet Blocks

In Vietnam some websites are blocked by internet service providers (ISPs). Starting before Euro 2012, the Vietnam government blocked 181 gambling domain names and 195 IP addresses. If a bookie you want to use is blocked you’ll need to signup for a “Singapore VPN”. We choose Singapore because it’s not too far away and has good speed. Also, many bookies that accept Singapore players also accept residents of Vietnam.

You can buy a Singapore VPN for less than ₫ 200.000,00, though you will need to shop for the best price.

Note: VPN websites like Le VPN are sometimes blocked too, so just keep searching. After you buy a VPN, they are very easy to set up and in most cases the company you buy from will help in getting the VPN set up for you. One other free option is Tor Browser, a completely free, private browser that gets around any internet block.

Asian bookies are the easiest to use for football betting (see also Asian Football betting). Their websites offer betting accounts in dong and have English and Vietnamese language. They also have good methods for deposit, good methods for getting paid and offer bonuses. The three most famous in Vietnam are the ones below.

Best Bookies for Vietnam January 2021
100% up to €100
T&Cs Apply
Mobile App Mobile App Live Streaming Live Streaming
100% Up to €122
T&Cs Apply
Welcome Bonus Welcome Bonus In-Play Betting In-Play Betting Match Stats Match Stats 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
Esports Betting Esports Betting Mobile Website Mobile Website
+2 more
100% up to 5,000,000 VND
T&Cs Apply
Live Streaming Live Streaming Signup Bonus Signup Bonus Regular Promos Regular Promos
100% up to €50
T&Cs Apply
In-Play Betting In-Play Betting Mobile App Mobile App Live Streaming Live Streaming Live Chat Live Chat
Partial Cash Out Partial Cash Out Esports Betting Esports Betting
+2 more


When using online bookies you will need to send them money first. If you send ₫ 2.000.000,00 to 188bet they will add (₫ 2.000.000,00 + 33% bonus) = ₫ 2.660.000,00 to your account. This is money you can bet with. If you then bet ₫ 250.000,00 on Manchester United odds 1.50 (1/2), this stake will be taken out of your account. If your bet wins the stake is given back and also your winnings are added to your account too. When you want to take money out of the website you can. Most internet betting sites have many ways for players to withdraw their winnings.

At you can deposit and get paid using local wallet. To learn about local wallet visit and then click Đăng ký to register an account. The other Asian bookies mentioned are good if you want to shop sports odds, or play casino, poker or mahjong online. You can find the deposit methods accepted by each by simply visiting their websites.

188Bet is our top choice because they offer odds on the biggest selection of football leagues. Here you can bet V-League football (soccer) from Vietnam and also bet on European soccer. The European leagues covered are numerous — some of the majors include English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and MLS from the US. They also have live betting (in-play) and mobile betting and many more betting markets for sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, badminton, volleyball, cricket and more.

ID Requirements

When using Asian bookies they might ask you to send them a scan of your Photo ID and utility bill. This is to verify your account. For the ID you can use your people’s proof document (giấy chứng minh nhân dân), driver’s license, or passport. The Utility bill should be a power bill, water bill, cable bill, internet bill, or phone bill in your own name. If you don’t have a utility bill in your own name you might have trouble verifying your account. You will need to explain this to the bookie. They might let you use a letter from your bank instead of a utility bill.

Using European Bookies

European bookies do not support Vietnamese dong currency and do not support Vietnamese language. To use their websites you will need bet in English language using United States Dollar (USD). For most it is best to use the Asian bookies I already covered. However, for professional punters wanting more websites to shop odds, there are three more options. To deposit with these websites you’ll need to use Webmoney. To learn more about using Webmoney and to set up an account visit

Webmoney is accepted for sending money to and getting paid from Asian bookie Dafabet. It is also available at European betting sites, and This gives you an additional three online betting sites you can use from Vietnam.

If you want to use other European bookmakers you’ll need to set up an account with Click2Pay, Skrill, Neteller, ECOCard or another e-wallet. All of these e-wallets are hard to use in Vietnam. It is probably best to use the six bookies I already told you about. If you want more, Google search for guides on how to use these other e-wallets from Vietnam.

Important note: European bookies are often skeptical of Vietnam accounts. If asked for verification documents, it is best you send them a passport scan and a utility bill instead of a local ID. If you don’t have a passport you can apply for one at your Provincial Immigration Department. You need to bring your ID card (giấy chứng minh nhân dân), 4 passport sized photos, and the ₫ 250.000 fee. If you don’t have a utility bill in own name you should get one. Maybe ask the person you live with to change the internet bill from their name to yours.

Vietnam Betting Laws

baitusacGambling is a very serious crime in Vietnam. Those who run gambling dens are often sentenced to two years in prison when convicted. Those involved in mafia gambling, such as running lo-de game, using loan sharks, and violence to collect, can get prison sentences from 5-years to 17.5 years depending how serious the charges are. For the actual people betting for fun, the penalty is normally just a small fine, but you need to careful you’re not accused of more. This is why it is very important to use internet betting sites licensed in other countries (do not use bookies in Vietnam – this is more serious).

There are many mafia associates that might offer to set you up with online betting accounts. However, what they will not tell you is they work for the mafia. With these bookies you don’t need to send money first and can pay in person when you lose, or get paid in person when you win. These are a bad idea and are MUCH more illegal to use than the foreign betting sites I told you about on this webpage. Remember the foreign betting sites talked about here are legal under international law. Police do not have a history of going after people using them – they only try to stop it by blocking websites.

Hopefully the online betting laws in Vietnam will change soon. The Wall Street Journal reported Hanoi’s Finance Ministry supports making betting on football legal (source). Also, Vietnamese Finance Minister Vuong Dinh Hue recently visited Singapore. Here he met with executives of Singapore Pools to learn about online betting in Singapore. He concluded that Vietnam could learn a lot from SG Pools and could use legal gambling to curve problem gambling and raise tax revenues. There is a good chance legal betting for v-league football and other sports leagues will be coming to Vietnam in the future. Until it does, it is best to stick to using foreign betting sites such as Bookie Selector

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