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Many people don’t know that after NFL football games, NASCAR racing is one of the most watched sports on television. The stadiums usually house over 65,000 seats and they are full for every lap. This is funny, as many people did not consider it a sport at all in the early 90’s.

With that, many online sports books carry all NASCAR events and have some great odds on the races. Americans have become very passionate about their racing and it shows with the amount of money wagered on these events. There are a good number of races which means that there are a lot of betting opportunities on NASCAR. This article will help you learn all the available NASCAR bets. We will then discuss some of the major events, before finally discussing some NASCAR betting tips and history. This should give you enough knowledge to get your feet wet in the NASCAR betting market.

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NASCAR Betting Types

There are a few types of bets that one can place when betting on NASCAR. Here we will explain each bet and how the odds work, starting with the drivers bets.

Driver Match Bets: Below we have listed odds on some of the drivers that you will commonly see in a sports book. This bet is probably one of the most favourite of NASCAR wagers. It is pretty much a straight up bet on who will win.

Carl Edwards +2000
Jeff Gordan +900
Kyle Busch +400

In the example above you can see that Kyle Busch is the favourite as he has the lowest odds. For every $1 you bet you will win $4. The long shot is Carl Edwards at +2000 and every dollar you wager on him you will get $20 back if he wins. The odds are a good indicator on who will win so its good to keep a close eye on them as a guide.

Proposition Bets (Prop Bets): Are wagers on an assortment of outcomes in a race (Also referred to as Exotic Bets). These bets are really fun and make the game exciting even if your driver is losing. Examples include:

  • Will the safety car come out before a certain lap?
  • Will there be a crash?
  • How many cars will finish?

Pod Bets: Is a wager on what type of car will win the race.

Moneyline Bets: Head to Head bets generally use the Moneyline format. See the example below of what you might see with a sports book. Carl Edward would be the underdog. Bettors who wager on him would win $1.20 for every $1.00 they spent. Alternatively, they would have to spend $3.00 to win $1.00 if betting for Kyle Busch.

Carl Edwards +120
Kyle Busch -300

Qualifying Bets: Is a bet on two opposing drivers. A bettor is wagering that one will finish ahead of the other one. The great thing about it is that neither has to win the race, but just finish ahead of his opponent.

NASCAR Betting Events

As noted above, there are quite a few events that power the NASCAR circuit every year.

The Indy 500 – This is the most popular of events in the NASCAR season, where all of the best drivers will compete. It is held yearly in the state of Indianapolis and there is a festival that occurs for an entire month.

Coke Zero – This is another very heavily attended race. Taking place in Daytona, betting starts early on this one.

Daytona 500 – Signalling the start of the NASCAR season, the Daytona 500 is one of the more exciting of events. This is where betting on the underdog might pay off more than in other races.

Now that you know how to bet and where to bet, we will now provide you with some tips to betting NASCAR online.

It should probably be mentioned here that many motor sport fans also opt to bet on V8 Supercars, Rally racing and Formula 1. We encourage you to browse these pages to get an overall feel for motor sport betting strategy.

NASCAR Betting Tips

Many people know that NASCAR betting is hard as there are many aspects that come into play. There is a lot of research that one has to do if serious about NASCAR betting. Information such as driver history, type of car, weather and winning streaks are very good to have handy as it can help you win big.

Keep an eye on the odds. This will help you become familiar with how drivers perform and how they’re performing in the betting market.

NASCAR History and Fun Facts

  • NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Racing.
  • It was founded by Bill France in 1947-1948 who in 2009 was the CEO of the company.
  • NASCAR headquarters are located in Daytona Beach, Florida.
  •  Erwin “Cannonball Baker” was the fist commissioner, and he also set a ton of land records in the Indianapolis 500.
  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is the sport’s highest level of professional competition followed by the Nationwide Series.
  • A version of NASCAR is also raced in Canada with a few small differences.

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