Racehorse Trainers in Detail


If you want to know everything about horse racing trainers, and you love statistics, then you’ve come to the right place.

Racehorse trainers are an idiosyncratic bunch. Learning their craft over various decades, in different countries and from teachers with contrasting methodology, they exhibit a wide range of behaviours when it comes to training. This can be reflected in how sharp their young horses are for their debut runs, how fit they are returning from an absence, and which race types the handlers’ target. Whilst punters are regularly exposed to plenty of soundbites regarding trainers practices (usually from lazy presenters and journalists on the racing channels), these are rarely backed up by cold, hard facts.

Here at SportsbettingOnline, we like to provide something unique and original – a racing resource centre that enables you to read an in depth report on each of the top trainers in the UK. The last 10 years of results have been scrutinised to provide you with the trends and biases in performance for all of the household names in the horse racing world. Bookmark our site and you’ll never need to look anywhere else for information on any aspect of racehorse trainers.

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