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Kingbetting Bookmakers Review

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Kingbetting Summary

Kingbetting bookmakers is the online gaming division is part of Total Gaming Solutions Ltd. It offers the full range of online gambling services – Sports Betting, Live Betting, Casino, Live Casino and Pool Betting – and also extends to Financials Betting. Their claim is they offer punters a ‘24/7/365 online, Las Vegas-style gaming experience’.

As part of Total Gaming Solutions BV, Kingbetting is a Curacao registered company and are regulated by E-Gambling Curacao.

It’s a site that’s aimed solely at the Turkish market and therefore, as you would expect, the site’s default language is Turkish – but there is also an English language version available.

  • US Players: No
  • Site founded: 2017
  • License: Curacao
  • Bonus: 100% up to 500 TL
  • Bonus Rollover: None
  • Last Updated: 08/07/2018
  • Mobile Compatible: Yes
  • Payment Methods: CEP Bank, Ecopayz, Astropay, Paykasa, Otopay

Kingbetting Features

  • Stylish layout and design
  • Wide range of sports betting
  • Superb in-play betting

Kingbetting Pros

  • Great depth betting markets
  • Excellent match-tracker facility
  • Intuitive website

Kingbetting Cons

  • No live streaming

Layout & Design

Kingbetting bookmakers give off a sophisticated air and, given the importance of first impressions, this sets the tone nicely. With a default background of black, the site’s gold and white text looks striking, although its home page is headed by some large, in your face, rotating ads that rely on images rather than words. Once you’ve negotiated them – you can hardly miss them – there is a horizontal list of the site’s wares: ‘Live’, ‘Sports’, ‘Casino’, ‘Live Casino’, ‘Virtual Sports’ and ‘Promotions’. Of course, it’s ‘Sports’ that we’re interested in.

For those familiar with sites under Total Gaming Solutions umbrella, the page will have a familiar look but for those who aren’t, they are taken to a page that differs slightly from the traditional norm. Instead of the usual main body with left and right sidebars, Kingbetting defaults to a four-column layout. Compared to the majority of bookmakers out there, this is unconventional, but they use the space well with the lead betting lines tending to appear on the left half of the main body, with additional bets for those same fixtures being listed line-by-line on the right side.

The left sidebar, however, does follow the norm and here you find an exhaustive list of all Kingbetting’s sports and entertainment themes. In order to accommodate the four-column layout, the list of defaults to icon form – ???? for rugby, ???? for volleyball etc – but a single click transforms it into the traditional-type listing.

At the time of the review, there were 60 more different sports/entertainment themes – which we’ll come onto in more detail later – with each one individually listing competitions and fixtures on a country-by-country basis. A single click on any line drills down and fills the left side of the main body with a huge array of possible bets. It all works smoothly and it’s concise, well presented and intuitive. Everything works as you want it to, everything is found where you would expect to find it, and everything follows on logically. It adds up to a good betting experience.

Additionally, the left sidebar is headed by a search window, giving Kingbetting customers a quick route to their sport of choice. A small touch, but still a useful one.

The main body – all two parts of it – is essentially a way of getting across twice the info in the punter’s eyeline. There’s generally nothing new on display – what you see would otherwise have been tucked away out of sight – but for all these additional betting options to be there in front of you is a smart move by the software designers. Equally, the right column can also act as stand-alone and can offer an array of odds for a future event, such as the ‘ante-post’ odds for the next season’s Premier League champions.

The right sidebar traditionally offers a combination of betting slip and in-house adverts, but for Kingbetting the chance of cramming the column with links to the rest of their wares has been resisted. Instead, there is just a betting slip, which offers the punter the additional choice of a quick bet or a superbet (enhanced odds on selected events). It also comes with a useful ‘system calculator’, which lets the bettor see how much they could win. Again, a small feature but a useful one nonetheless and, as tends to be the case with Kingbetting bookmakers, the small things all add up to make a good experience.

To further enhance that experience, they offer their customers a fantastic live betting service. Again, they make good use of the page’s main body – it transforms to a single entity – which contains all the stats you need to make your bet, but the piece de resistance is a ‘match tracker’ graphic that allows the punter to follow the progress of the match in real time.

One thing that is important to say is that the format described above for the site’s default format – classic – but they also offer it, via the settings icon, in what’s described as ‘modern’: a simplified format against a plain white background. For most bettors, ‘classic’ will suffice.

Sports Markets & Odds

With over 60 different sports and entertainment themes, Kingbetting bookmakers offer something for everyone, with – as you would expect – football being their big ‘seller’. At the time of the review, there were listings for over 60 countries, ranging from the big boys to the minnows. In addition to the European big hitters – Spain, Germany, Italy, England etc – they also feature leagues for more obscure footballing outposts such as Gibraltar, Tajikistan and Zimbabwe. Such is their extensive coverage of the beautiful game, whatever time of the day or night you prefer to gamble, there will literally always be live football available to bet on.

In the same way, their listing of football leagues and competitions is exhaustive, so too is their range of different sports and entertainment events. In addition to offering markets for the usual suspects such as American footballcricket and rugby etc, they also pick up on minority sports such as Gaelic football, water polo and pesapallo (no, neither had we).

In addition, for those who like their E-Sports and who in turn enjoy betting on them, there are plenty of options available – Dota 2League of LegendsCounter-Strike and Call of Duty among them – plus a selection of eight virtual sports, including virtual footballvirtual horse racing and greyhounds. Typically, their list is rounded off with a selection of politics and entertainment bets.

The variety on offer, coupled with an impressive depth of markets and bets, makes Kingbetting bookmakers an ideal destination for both the seasoned bettor and the occasional, fun gambler.

In terms of offering value, Kingbetting bookmakers – at the time of the review – were compiling their odds to an average of 110%. This, it must be said, is at the less generous end of the scale, with the industry standard being between 105% and 106%. While not ideal, it still remains within acceptable levels and with some bets being compiled to around 106% there is value to be had here.


Unlike some of their Total Gaming Solutions counterparts, Kingbetting bookmakers do offer new bettors a 100% welcome bonus. As ever, there are several conditions that need to be met in order to trigger this bonus but once the right boxes have been ticked, for an investment of between 50 TL and 500 TL the punter can earn an additional 100%. There is also an ongoing 100% sports bonus for all members who fund their accounts via Cepbank and virtual cards.

What Kingbetting also offer is ad-hoc special bonus offers and promotions, so we strongly urge those thinking of betting there to check the promotions advertised on the home page and also, if time permits, to contact their customer services through their live chat facility.

Responsible Gambling

While there is nothing on the front face of the site to suggest Kingbetting bookmakers take their responsible gambling duty seriously, a quick look near their ‘About Us’ info reveals a detailed section on that very subject. In fact, they devote over 1,000 words to it, making it doubly odd there is no recognition of this elsewhere on the site. But it’s good and takes time to explain how bettors can be ‘self-responsible’ and, also, how to identify problematic behaviour at an early stage.

Customer Services

Kingbetting bookmakers offer their customers an email helpline and an excellent live chat facility, which is available 24/7. We tested it and found them to be swift, helpful and waffle-free – pretty much all you can ask. Those who prefer a telephone helpline will be disappointed but generally, the service is an excellent one.

Mobile & Tablet

Kingbetting is a mobile-optimized site and if you prefer betting on the go – either on a smartphone or a tablet – you will find a nice configuration that is basically a mini-version of the desktop site. It works nicely for both iOS and Android and offers a fine betting experience in terms of navigation, responsiveness and detail.


Cash-out is an automated process on Kingbetting and so this is, generally, at the speedy end of the scale, with payouts usually processed within 24 hours.

Final Verdict

Kingbetting bookmakers is good. We like it. They have managed to avoid pitfalls that have befallen others who use the same platform and have produced something that is both stylish and fit for purpose. It looks impressive, but in addition to being pleasing on the eye, it also delivers a quality experience from a solid base.

That it’s largely free of gimmicks is a good thing and at first glance, it’s hard not to be impressed by its look and feel. Better still, when you delve deeper you find a site that rocks in terms of its range and depth of bets. The only minor negative is the need to search hard to find genuine value for money bets, but they are there.

Essentially, experienced or new punters will find themselves equally at home, and the overall betting experience is a pleasant one. In summary, we’d happily recommend Kingbetting bookmakers to anyone wishing to bet with their Turkish Lira.