UK Betting Sites - Best Online Bookies Betting In The UK 2017

UK Betting Sites

The United Kingdom has long been home to some of the largest bookmakers in the world. A fixture on every street corner in all parts of the UK for decades, British bookmakers have taken your neighborhood turf bookie concept and grown it into a worldwide betting marketplace. UK online bookmakers are leading the way with innovative ideas for their customers with exciting new ways to wager, odds on just about everything, and great deposit bonus opportunities.

Best Online Bookmakers for the UK

How To Pick A UK Betting Site

Before you deposit into a UK bookmaker, you will need to make sure they have the type of action or events you want. All online bookies in the UK carry all the sports that most bettors are normally interested in. Some of the most widely bet on sports in the UK are Football, and Rugby, while wagering on cricket is also extremely popular. Even obscure sports will probably be covered by UK online odds makers such as Handball, Badminton, or Futsal. Entertainment betting is also quite popular and odds on television shows such as The X-factor, Big Brother, or political events are also regularly offered. It will only take a few seconds to check your prospective online bookmaker, to see if the event you want to wager is available.

Bookmaker Deposit Options In The UK

Players looking to deposit into UK online bookmakers will have no problems. They offer nearly every available method to deposit including Neteller, Click2pay, Moneybookers, and most UK credit cards such as Solo, Maestro, and Switch. As mentioned previously, UK bookmakers are some of the most trusted in the world so customers should never have any issues depositing or withdrawing.

Deposit bonuses and free plays are also a factor for some when depositing, UK online sportsbooks seem to be very generous with deposit bonuses, reloads, and free plays. Many books will offer deposit bonuses including some as high as £1000, and in addition to lucrative reload bonuses. Reload bonuses allow customers to occasionally have the opportunity to gain more bonus money, even after their initial deposits. Free plays may come with part of a deposit bonus, but in some cases bookmakers will offer a free plays with no deposit. The free plays seem to range from £10 to £50, and can really help a small or beginning player. Capitalizing on deposit bonuses and free plays can help jump start your bankroll, be sure to take advantage of these. If you want to try your hand at other forms of gambling, many online sportsbooks in the UK also offer poker, lotteries, bingo, and other casino games as well.

Legality of Online Bookies In The UK

Gambling has hundreds of years of history in the UK and unlike many other countries which ban and restrict gambling, the UK government from the beginning has decided that regulation and licensing creates the best possible betting environment. It allows adults the freedom of choice to gamble, while protecting young people and problem gamblers.

Gambling was formerly legalized in 1960s, which allowed local bingos to be established and soon commercialized licensed casinos and bookmakers. Though the UK seemed to have well established effective gaming laws, the government needed to update their laws with the increase of Britons interested in online gambling. In 2005, The Gambling Act was enacted and with it came the newly established UK Gambling Commission. The act classified online gambling, including sports betting as “remote gaming” and the gambling commission taxed and regulated the market.

UK online bookmakers operate under some of the strictest gaming licenses in the world so they are extremely well trusted as far as online sportsbooks are concerned. Bookmakers need separate licenses to offer sports betting online, even if they have established land based casinos and bookmakers. In addition, even the betting software and interfaces will need licenses as this is done to protect from fraud and cheating.

Do UK Citizens Pay Tax on Online Sportsbook Winnings?

As with other forms of gambling in the UK, including poker and bingo, the UK does not tax online sports winnings. A UK gambler will pay zero tax on any online sports betting winnings. The only tax that may be applicable in regards to gaming winnings is if you are gaining interest from your profits. In this case, the interest accrued will be taxable under UK law, but in most cases will be quite small.

UK online bookmakers continue to lead the world at doing what they do best, providing excellent service to gamblers across the world who want to bet on sports. The gaming industry in the UK employs 90,000 people and generates upwards of £650 million in taxes, with large portions of that coming through online sports betting. As online gaming continues to rise each year across UK and the world, more and more bettors are realizing the rewards of betting online, a trend that should continue for years to come.

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