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NFL Week Four Undefeated

October 4, 2011

There are two teams that are 4-0 in the NFL and bettors are making cash on them. One club many thought had the chance to be undefeated, while the other very few saw as being in the place they find themselves. The team most thought had a chance of being 4-0 are the Green Bay Packers. The club many never saw as being for real is Detroit. However, they did raise eyebrows in the preseason when they hammered the New England Patriots. At this point it is clear that both of these NFL teams are solid, talented and tough.

Green Bay

The Packers are being ably led by Aaron Rodgers. Most pundits thought that Rodgers would show continued improvement this season, and he has certainly done so. The strength of this team is in its passing game, which is ranked fifth in the league. The running game gives them just enough balance to keep teams honest.

On defense, Green Bay cannot stop the pass. How bad are they against the pass? They are next to last in defending against it. On the other end of the spectrum, they are next to first at stopping the run.

The team’s strength lies in its ability to score points and not in their skill at stopping opponents from scoring. Their 148 total points is best in the league and their 97 point against is average.


Once again, the Detroit Lions, like the Packers, have found success as their primary signal caller has grown into maturity. QB Matt Stafford is a top leader on the field who manages to adjust well to adversity and has been able to lead the team in amazing come from behind victories. Their second half comeback against the Dallas Cowboys this week left fans speechless. Plus, they notched an OT win against the Vikings the week before.

The club is 7th in passing and 12th on the run. That’s a solid balance. That makes this club difficult to defend against, while their defense, though not stellar, has been able to adjust throughout a game. Thus, they may give up a lot of points at the start but by the second half they’ve usually been able to slow down their opponents and stop them from scoring.

They are second in the league in scoring and are one of the better teams in points against. Thus, although they have a tendency to give up yards, teams often have difficulty scoring on them in the Red Zone.

Can They Continue Unbeaten?

Green Bay plays Atlanta this Sunday night and Detroit will go up against Chicago on Monday night. The Pack and Lions are both favored. The Falcons defense will have a hard time limiting Green Bay. But Detroit may find it tough going against the Bears. Chicago’s defense can score points. Still, they are a little less than average. There could be two teams in the NFL at the end of next week that are 5-0.

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