Super Bowl LI Prop Bets – Lady Gaga, Donald Trump

Super Bowl LI is almost upon us as on Sunday the Atlanta Falcons will battle the New England Patriots for the Vince Lombardi trophy.

The Falcons are aiming to win the title for the first time, while New England are aiming for their fifth crown in the past 17 years since Bill Belichick’s arrival at the club.

However, the game can sometimes take backseat to the events in and around the contest in Houston.

We’ll now take a look at some of the bets that don’t involve the action with TopBet and BetOnline sportsbooks, including the half-time show performed on this occasion by Lady Gaga.

Coin Toss

One of the most important aspects of this contest could be who wins the coin toss. Atlanta have scored on their first possession in their last nine matches, and winning the toss and receiving the ball could see them take an early lead in the Super Bowl.

Winning the toss does not mean in a great deal in the grand scheme of the match, with the last team to secure victory after previously correctly predicting outcome of the toss being the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium in the 2013 season.

The Patriots and the Denver Broncos both lost the toss in last two titles game and went on to win their respective matches.

Tails has won the decision for the last three matches on the bounce, and backing that again at -105 could yield a win. As the visiting team the Patriots will get the call, but only two AFC teams have won the toss in the last 20 years. Therefore backing the Falcons at -105   might be a wise option.

National Anthem

Luke Bryan will sing the national anthem in Houston

The pageantry of the Super Bowl is well noted and one of the most important aspects of the before kick-off is the Super Bowl.

Christina Aguilera made an embarrassing gaffe in Super Bowl XLV when she forgot some of the words to the Star Spangled Banner, forcing an apology after the incident.

Luke Bryan has the duty this time around and judging by past renditions he should come in at around the two-minute mark. Take the under with TopBet for his rendition to be less than 128.5 seconds at +110 .


The deflategate scandal was notorious in the build-up to the Patriots’ last Super Bowl, having been accused of deflating footballs in their AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts.

Tom Brady and Belichick were forced to answer a number of gruelling questions on air pressure and integrity in the two weeks before the game.

The NBC commentary team of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth continued the theme of the two weeks by discussing the incident even as the Patriots were driving to go ahead in the game.

Brady’s suspension from the scandal ruled him out of the first four matches of the current season, and his revenge against Commissioner Roger Goodell has been the storyline of the build-up for this match.

Fox’s Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are on the call on this occasion, with Aikman being particularly outspoken of his criticism of Brady for his role in the involvement in the scandal. As a result take the over on 2.5 mentions of deflategate during the broadcast at +180 .

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga will perform the half-time show at Super Bowl LI

Credit: Getty Images

Let’s get this one out of the way first – in 2004 when the Patriots defeated the Carolina Panthers Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston the half-time show was performed by Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.

Unfortunately for Jackson she suffered a wardrobe malfunction, and the oddsmakers are backing lightning to strike twice at NRG Stadium at +1400 .

Lady Gaga is renowned for her wardrobe choices during her videos and live shows, and the Super Bowl should be no different. Spandex or Lycra comes in at +200   and that could be a contender to avoid a wardrobe malfunction after the performer everything will be kept under wraps.

The money could be made on lace or a rubber outfit as you can never rule anything out with Lady Gaga, even though the Super Bowl will be watched by families across the world. The former is backed at +450 , while rubber and/or plastic comes in at +500 .

As for the performance itself, Lady Gaga has a vast array of hits she will surely perform. However, she could pay tribute to a number of artists that have passed away over the past year.

David Bowie’s style would fit into her repertoire and a cover of one his tracks at +200   is a solid option, or a similar tribute to Prince, who also performed a half-time show at the Super Bowl, with odds of +250 .

Donald Trump

President Trump has been renowned for his tweeting off his official @realDonaldTrump account during his campaign to win office and since he has taken over his governing duties.

He has ties to Brady and Belichick along with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who supported him during his bid to win the presidency, and will no doubt wish to convey his support for New England.

The President may also tweet his thoughts and feelings on global events like he has done so often into his tenure in office. Therefore taking the over on tweeting three times or more during the match -150   is the punt to take regarding Trump.

Odds and Ends

Goodell has drawn the ire of the Patriots

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched events in the world and is expected to boast another huge audience on Sunday. 113.5 million is the magic number and given the quality of matchup expected take the over at -105 .

Given that the Super Bowl is taking place in Houston – there is a chance that hilarity will get the better of someone on the broadcast and the famous phrase – “Houston We Have a Problem” will be uttered. BetOnline has the over at 0.5 and backing that at +450 would be a sensible option, given the corny nature of most television hosts.

Brady has one of the most famous spouses in the world – model Gisele Bundchen. She will no doubt be at the game and has odds of +220 to be displayed on the broadcast over 1.5 times.

Finally the spotlight will be on Commissioner Goodell when he hands over the Vince Lombardi trophy. This is an event that could be made extremely awkward given his treatment of the Patriots over the past 18 months, which may lead to a variety of cringe worthy moments. Goodell is backed at -400 to be booed in the ceremony after the game, which would be a smart bet to take.

Tips Summary

Tails To Win Coin Toss
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: -105

Atlanta Falcons To Win Coin Toss
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: -105

Luke Bryan To Sing National Anthem In Under 128.5 Seconds
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: +110

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman To Mention Deflategate Over 2.5 Times
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: +180

Donald Trump To Tweet More Than Three Times During Super Bowl
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: -150

Lady Gaga To Suffer Wardrobe Malfunction During Half-Time Show
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: +1400

Lady Gaga To Wear Spandex/Lycra During Half-Time Show
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: +200

Lady Gaga To Wear Lace During Half-Time Show
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: +450

Lady Gaga To Wear Rubber/Plastic During Half-Time Show
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: +500

Lady Gaga To Cover A David Bowie Track During Half-Time Show
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: +200

Lady Gaga To Cover A Prince Track During Half-Time Show
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: +250

Super Bowl Audience To Top 113.5 Million
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: -105

Broadcaster To Say “Houston We Have A Problem”
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: +450

Gisele Bundchen To Be Displayed Over 1.5 Times On Broadcast
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: +220

Commissioner Roger Goodell To Be Booed
Sunday 5th February 18:40 ET (23:40 GMT)
Odds: -400

Atlanta Falcons
Donald Trump
Lady Gaga
New England Patriots
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