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Our NFL Teaser Uses Some Big Underdogs and Makes Them Bigger

September 20, 2013

By now, you probably know what a teaser is as it applies to the National Football League. If you don’t, then simply read our guide to teaser bets.

What we are going to try to do in the coming weeks is work out some teasers that we think have a good chance of winning, spreading the action around to various sportsbooks.

In our first installment, we’re taking a look at the NFL lines that are available at GTBets.eu and some seven-point teasers that we can play there. Of course, what we’re doing is moving seven points in our favor on from two to five teams. In our case, we’re going to make things simple by doing a four-team teaser, which brings a payoff of +200.

Let’s look at the late games.

The San Francisco 49ers might be an angry group of guys right now, but does that mean they are going to blow out the Indianapolis Colts? The Colts have certainly been energized a bit with the arrival of a top-tier running back in Trent Richardson, and now, with Ahmad Bradshaw also on board, what was considered to be a handicap may become a plus.

Andrew Luck can now get closer to the way his offense operated at Stanford, where he didn’t have to throw all the time because he had a punishing running game. The architect of that offense, by all account, was Pep Hamilton, who, coincidentally, is now his offensive coordinator in Indianapolis. And you want more coincidences? The head coach of that Stanford team will be on the opposite sideline on Sunday. Of course, we’re talking about Jim Harbaugh, and nothing they do is going to be any secret to him.

T.Y. Hilton is emerging as a nice complimentary threat to Reggie Wayne, and do Indianapolis should be able to score some points. They are getting ten points in the NFL lines at GTBets, so we can tease them up to +17 and put them on our side.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have put one touchdown on the board thus far, while Seattle bludgeoned San Francisco last weekend, so it is understandable that the Seahawks would be laying a big number. But to be getting 18.5 points, like they are at GTBets, is a VERY big number. To get 25.5 points is even more, so we can tease it that way. Yes, the ‘Hawks have covered eight of their last nine at home, but there is a potential letdown after a huge game with the Niners, and keep a couple of other things in mind – Maurice Jones-Drew is going to cut loose sooner or later, and Gus Bradley, the new head coach in Jacksonville, was the defensive coordinator in Seattle for the last four years. So he knows the personnel very well. This one isn’t liable to get too far out of hand.

The New York Jets are showing some defense, and have played two very close games thus far. With Geno Smith under center, they aren’t going to be too explosive on offense for a while. In the NFL odds at GTBets, they are laying 2.5 points to the Buffalo Bills, who have their own rookie quarterback (E.J,. Manuel), who has shown just as much if not more poise. Manuel directed his team to a winning score with just a few seconds left against Carolina last week, and that was huge for his confidence.

The feeling here is that the Bills have the best overall offensive weapon on the field (CJ Spiller), the better running game overall, and the best receiver (Steve Johnson). They are worth teasing up to +9.5 here.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are really in a desperate situation, because if they start 0-3 they are very close to being dead. There are not a lot of fundamental advantages they have against the Chicago Bears, who now look like they are actually protecting quarterback Jay Cutler. Pittsburgh has been hit with a rash of injuries and has not been able to run the ball, but rookie Le’Veon Bell is probably going to be available. And this is the kind of defense that might be able to take the ball away from Cutler, who’s turned it over four times. This is the kind of desperation that gives us a good window to tease the Steelers, a one-point underdog up to +8.

So to recap, we’ve got

Indianapolis +17
Jacksonville +25.5
Buffalo +9.5
Pittsburgh +8

Let’s see how we do.

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