iPhone Betting Apps

Significant technological advances in recent years have changed the way we do almost everything. Betting is no exception. In days gone by, individuals would have to visit their local betting shop or would have to use the telephone to have some money on their fancy. Then came the internet, giving customers access to bookmakers through their computer. However that required individuals to be at a specific location. That problem was solved with the development of smart phones which has enabled punters to strike a bet literally anywhere. With a large number of online firms developing mobile betting apps, it doesn’t matter whether punters are at the pub with their friends, or on a lunch break from work, they can access the sportsbooks at the click of a button.

iPhones are comfortably the most popular smartphones on the market, and bookmakers have been quick to develop apps for the iPhone. As with anything, starting out there were a few glitches, but the majority of firms have spent extensively on updating their software and improving their service. In order to encourage individuals to utilise their iPhone betting apps, many bookmakers are offering bonuses and free bets for customers who sign up with the firms through their smartphone.

Best Sportsbetting Sites for Betting on an iPhone

50% Up to $250
100% up to $500
50% Up to $1000
15% Up to $600

50% up to $1000

$1000 Bonus
15% Up to $600

Benefits of Using an iPhone Betting App

To access all of the benefits of the iPhone apps, customers need to download the specific apps from the iTunes store. If an individual visits a bookmakers website from their phone and they choose not to download the app, one of two things normally happens. Firstly, if the bookmaker has a web app, the user will be redirected to that, and will be able to access some of the features available through the desktop or iPhone app. Web apps are typically less responsive and are more limited in terms of their functionality. When a user visits a bookmaker without a web app from their smartphone, they will be redirected to the desktop version of the site. As the whole screen is condensed into the size of a few inches on the smartphones, these sites can be very difficult to navigate, and entering information such as log in details, bet size and accessing markets can be time consuming.

How Secure is it to Use an iPhone Betting App?

From a security perspective, it is probably best to use the iPhone apps of the established and reputable online firms. They employ state of the art security that includes high tech data encryption, and SSL coding in addition to fraud prevention systems. These precautions are in place to ensure that players’ identity and financial information remains secure and private. New and smaller bookmakers may not have the same resources or expertise when it comes to developing betting apps, and therefore bettors should tread carefully and do their due diligence on the apps from these firms before using them. It’s also worth doing some research to see if any sites have been involved in scamming before you make a decision.

Deposit Methods for iPhone Betting

Deposit methods for customers using iPhone apps depend on both the website and country of residence of the bettor. Most apps nowadays have Visa debit/credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets such as Skrill or PayPal as methods for customers to deposit. Some of those methods may be restricted for punters in certain countries, and in regions where online gambling is illegal, bettors are advised to use e-wallets which provide more anonymity and security.

Limitations for Betting on an iPhone

One of the limitations of using iPhone apps to place bets is that some bookmakers do not list their full complement of markets and as such, in certain situations, punters can only access popular sports such as football, golf, horse racing etc. For the bettor who likes to dabble in more obscure markets, this can be frustrating. The quality of apps in terms of their sports coverage and overall functionality does vary, but most are intuitive and easy to operate.

Betting with iPhone apps has never been easier and there are some great deals out there for customers who sign up to bookmakers through their mobiles.

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