Android Betting Apps

Nowadays there is an app for almost everything. Betting is no exception, and with the online gambling industry growing every day, bookmakers must make their services as accessible as possible to clients in order to maintain their competitiveness. The ability for customers to bet on their smartphone has increased turnover of all of the major firms as individuals can now bet any time, any place. Android is one of the main smartphone operating systems, and an ever increasing number of bookmakers are catering to Android users’ needs by releasing apps for devices using the system.

Betting on an Android app has a number of advantages, not least the free bets that are available. Bookmakers are keen to develop their mobile customer database further, and are providing special concessions and free bets to clients who sign up for accounts through their Android apps.

Best Sportsbetting Sites for Betting on Android

50% Up to $250
100% up to $500
50% Up to $1000
15% Up to $600

50% up to $1000

$1000 Bonus
15% Up to $600


It is of course true that customers can bet on their Android smartphones without having to download apps. Most bookmakers tend to have web apps or the desktop version of the site which can just be accessed by visiting the site from a mobile device. However, the web-apps tend to be less responsive, have fewer options and are less intuitive, whilst the desktop sites are not very user-friendly, as they are designed for computers where users have access to a mouse to direct their way around the sites. By and large, the Android apps are fast loading, well-designed and enable customers to strike bets quickly when on the move.

Benefits of Betting Online with Android

On certain betting apps, customers can now stream live sports if they have had a bet on an event. This is great for those individuals who want to experience the thrill of watching their bet. Naturally streams are better when the Android smartphones are connected to Wi-Fi, but bettors can still typically get a good connection when using their normal data packages (it can help to reduce the quality of the video for uninterrupted coverage).

Am I Secure When Betting with Android Apps?

Integrity and security are important to established bookmakers, as any notion that their sites aren’t secure could lead to a mass exodus of customers. As a result the Android apps that have been created by the development teams are typically very safe, using the latest data encryption techniques, and SSL coding, on top of utilising fraud prevention systems. Despite the apps generally being very safe, to be prudent, it is worth staying with the bigger firms when using Android apps, as these bookmakers have the resources to integrate the top of the line security on into their software.

Deposit Methods for Android Betting

As technology advanced, as do the number of methods with which bettors can fund their accounts. Visa debit/credit cards, bank account transfers, e-wallets (such as Skrill) and pre-paid cards (Paysafecard etc.) are the most popular ways for customers to add to their accounts. Most Android apps facilitate all of these payment types, but there are restrictions for customers depending on which country they are signed up from. Certain regions cannot use particular payment types for whatever reason, and most bookmakers have a section which details what methods are available depending on where the customer resides. Furthermore, in countries where gambling is heavily regulated or illegal, bettors would be advised to use e-wallets or prepaid cards to ensure there is little trace back to their bank account.

Are There Any Limitations When Using Android Betting Apps?

One of the few limitations of the Android apps is that with some bookmakers, the full list of sports is not available (normally due to size restrictions). Therefore, bettors are occasionally just left with the choice of accessing the more popular sports such as football etc. while they are on their smartphone. With that being said, the majority of the established bookmakers nowadays have near to a full complement of sports available on the Android app.

Overall, the Android apps are a great way for customers to access their betting accounts while on the move, or when they don’t have access to a computer. Bookmakers are encouraging users to sign up through their smartphones and are offering attractive bonuses for customers to do so, and it is worth punters taking advantage of any concession that is available in order to build a good bankroll.

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