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Best World Cup 2018 Betting Sites

This summer the world’s greatest football players will gather in Russia, like gladiators entering the arena, to fight for the ultimate prize – the chance to lift the famous World Cup trophy. Like legends of old, these warriors among men will journey into the unknown, risking abject failure to emerge victorious. Teetering on the very brink of chaos, with reputations on the line, who will create order on the pitch and become heroes of men? Who will suffer crushing defeat and fall into the abyss of despair? And who will lift the gleaming World Cup trophy skywards to the gods, beating their chest in defiant victory?

More importantly, how can we make money from this glorious spectacle?! We can’t answer the first questions, but we can most definitely answer the last. Here at SBO, we’ve put together a team of the finest football betting experts to bring you the top World Cup bookmakers, the best bonuses and promotions, and free betting tips to help you become a legend, a hero, and a winner!

Throughout the tournament, we’ll deliver:

  • The leading World Cup betting sites

  • The biggest sign-up bonuses and free bets

  • The best odds from a variety of bookmakers

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How We Find the Best Betting Sites

There are countless bookmakers around the world, with new online betting sites popping up at a rate of knots. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to identify the legitimate betting sites from the ones to be avoided. Here at SBO, we have curated a portfolio of the best bookies which offer the best betting options for the World Cup 2018.

So, just what is the criteria we look for when identifying the best betting sites? For a start, it is important to identify the validity of the bookmaker and that can often be determined by where the firm is licensed. There are certain countries around the world that are gaming hubs and license many betting sites. For example, the majority of European based operators park their operation and license in Malta (for tax purposes), and these bookmakers are usually solid. Concern may come in when a bookie has a license in a country that does not have a strong gambling background and may not have the most stringent of rules and regulations.

– Safe, secure and fully licensed betting sites

– Wide choice of betting markets and bet options

– Generous welcome bonuses and ad hoc promotions

– The most competitive odds

– Quality of website and mobile betting apps

– Choice of payment methods and fast withdrawals

– Excellent customer service

Of course, once it has been established that a bookie is reliable, then the main factors that need to be assessed are things such as betting markets and bonuses. Having a wide range of markets with a variety of different bet types to satisfy all types of clients is essential. Some individuals like to wager during an event, so live betting is vital for any bookmaker to be competitive in today’s market. Furthermore, some bettors specifically like to visit bookies who offer generous sign-up bonuses and ad hoc offers. SBO identifies betting sites which provide excellent bonuses and promotions to their clients, and we take into consideration the terms and conditions and rollover requirements of such offers.

Other factors that we take into consideration when recommending bookmakers is the number of payment methods available, the speed of payouts, and of course the user experience on the website. That includes not only the intuitiveness of the interface but also encompasses customer service – how can players contact staff? What are the hours of operation? And how helpful are they?

World Cup Betting Strategy

There are various approaches to betting on the World Cup and you can browse our World Cup betting tips and team guides to help develop a plan of attack.

The group games come first and it’s worth paying attention to the different dynamics of these games as each group progresses. It is not at all uncommon for teams to be very cagey in the early stages of tournaments, which can often lead to draws and low-scoring games. As the group stages begin, the top teams are expected to push for three points, but mid-tier and lower-tier teams sometimes focus on the value of a point and set up to be hard-to-beat.

“Use our tips to develop your own World Cup betting strategy”

However, when we get to the second and third round of games, the groups will start to take shape. Some teams will have to come out of their shell and attack for fear of being eliminated from the tournament. This often leads to a glut of goals and more open games as nations fight for their lives, and brave punters can beat the bookies by capitalizing on these trends. One note of warning – beware the sides that only need a point to qualify for the knockout stages.

The knockout stages take on a whole new dynamic because each game must be decided on the day, whether by extra-time or the dreaded penalty shootout. In these matches, the underdogs often retreat and play a defensive game to enhance their prospects of going deeper into the competition. This is where the attacking players can really come into their own, as one piece of magic can be enough to win through to the next stage. Bookmakers will offer ‘to qualify’ markets on knockout games, and that can be a shrewd bet as you are not relying on the favourite to win in 90 minutes.

How to Profit from the World Cup

There are lots of ways to bet on the World Cup and plenty of special offers from bookmakers to get stuck into but maximising profit is the name of the game.

Most serious punters these days have a host of different betting accounts so that they can take the best odds on any selection. Part-time and small-stakes bettors don’t always realise just how important this is but it’s a crucial part of your betting strategy if you want to maximise profits in the long-run. One betting site may be offering slightly better odds on your chosen team, and you should always seek out the best odds for any bet. The extra 5% or 10% returns on a single bet may not seem like a huge difference but over the course of 100 bets, it can have a big impact on your overall profit or loss.

“The World Cup is the best time to join betting sites and bag bonuses”

The run-up to the World Cup is a perfect time to increase your portfolio of betting accounts because most bookmakers are offering a variety of free bets, enhanced odds, and promotions to entice new customers. It makes perfect sense to take advantage of some of these offers as a part of your World Cup betting strategy. Get started today with our highest-rated World Cup betting sites!

The beauty of the World Cup is that the tournament features teams with a variety of styles, tactics and abilities, and upsets are not uncommon. Our comprehensive team guides section will provide you with a detailed analysis of each country participating in the World Cup. We will discuss the star players, preferred formations, and will provide information on any potential injury concerns going into the tournament. Of course, we will also give an idea of the potential chances of the teams and will analyse whether the odds on offer for each country to win the tournament represent value.
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Aside from getting to see endless top-class international football matches over a month-long period, the World Cup has other advantages for football and betting fanatics; great promotions. Bookmakers battle to attract new clients as well as retain their current customer base and as a result, the bettors are the winners. The most common type of promotions offered by bookies are enhanced sign-up bonuses when betting on the World Cup but there are plenty of other price boosts and concessions. Stay tuned to this page to get the latest and best promotions being offered by the top betting sites.
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The World Cup schedule is hectic. 32 teams have to be whittled down to just 1 within the space of the month. The tournament will take place at 12 different stadiums located over 11 different cities. The tournament starts with 8 groups of 4 teams, with the top 2 from each group progressing to the last 16. From there it is a knock-out tournament up until the final, which will take place on 15th July at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Our comprehensive World Cup schedule will keep you informed and up-to-date with all of the group tables, fixtures, and match start times throughout the tournament.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Bookmakers are fully aware that the World Cup is their busiest time and when they attract most of their new clients. With such competition, the marketing teams for each firm tend to devise very attractive bonuses and promotions to try and stand out from their rivals. This is great news for us because when you sign up for new betting accounts around the World Cup, you will be entitled to a juicy bonus. For bettors who already have accounts with most bookies, fear not, there are typically a variety of smaller concessions, price boosts and bonuses offered to existing players.

Yes. The majority of established sportsbooks will accept Paypal as a payment type for clients who wish to bet on the World Cup. Paypal is an e-wallet and it is the preferred payment method for many bettors, as it enables them to transfer funds quickly between different bookmakers, without having to go back through their bank account first every time. The withdrawal times for Paypal can be almost instant, whereas when using a credit card, they can take several days. Most big firms will have a minimum of £5/10 on Paypal deposits, with the majority not charging fees for using the service (some take a small percentage).

When it comes to stake sizes, it depends on a number of factors, perhaps most significantly the sportsbook with whom a player is betting. Each bookmaker has its own guidelines and ethos when it comes to laying a bet. Some of the smaller firms don’t have the resources to swallow a big loss, while other bigger firms welcome the higher staking bettors.

In addition to the firm size and strategy, stakes are also determined by the bet type. A customer would be able to get a significantly larger stake on say Brazil to win World Cup 2018 as opposed to the ‘first player to get booked market’ in the Panama v Tunisia game, simply as there is less chance of corruption in the Brazil bet. Stakes on match outcomes, and tournament winner etc. will be allowed to be much larger than on any sort of proposition bet.

The question should more along the lines of ‘what bets can’t I place on the World Cup?!’. With the increasing competition in the online bookmaking industry, sportsbooks have become more creative with the markets they offer in order to entice clientele. So, while you can place the bread and butter bets such as the winner of a match, winner of the tournament, correct score, first scorer bets etc. there are also a plethora of different options for the individual who wants a more exotic wager.

Some sportsbooks will offer odds on managers to be sent from dug-outs, time of the first foul, first throw-in, a player to score own goal and much, much more. A number of bookies will also take requests for bets that may not be offered on their site and will get a member of their trading team to offer odds on a personalised bet. Finally, an increasingly popular bet type is the Asian handicap, which gives a team a certain number of goals head start based on their perceived deficiency.

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