Time to Start Dreaming of a White Christmas!

A white Christmas could be on the cards for the UK this year.

There’s just two weeks to go until the big day, and if you’re lucky enough to be hanging out your stocking to see what presents Santa brings this year, you’ll be counting the days until that special morning. If, on the other hand, you’re simply worrying about what state your wallet will be in after all the festivities, then read on! We’ve picked our way through the Christmas Markets to find the best bets to try and help restore that bank balance for the new year.

Will It Be a White Christmas?

The most popular bet at this time of year is on whether we will see any snowfall on Christmas Day. The rules are simple in that there just needs to be a single snowflake seen to fall in given places throughout the UK, each of which you can bet on separately. The snow (or snowflake) must fall within the 24 hours of Christmas Day, and previously settled snow does not count – at least for the purposes of the bet.

William Hills offer a variety of airports up and down the country as the location where snow must fall for it to be classed a white Christmas, with verification from British Weather Services. The MET Office state that there hasn’t been a widespread white Christmas since 2010, but interestingly that there has been snowfall on the 25th of December somewhere in the UK for 38 of the last 54 days, so we can reasonably expect snow on more than half of all Christmas Days over the years – of course the big question is where?

William Hills offer  +500  on a white Christmas at Heathrow Airport London, and  +250  on a white Christmas at Aberdeen Airport – the most northerly of the betting options.

Both are worth a small wager with low temperatures expected and rain predicted in the current forecasts.

Christmas Number One Single

The next biggest and most popular market at this time of year is the Christmas number one single, and there are always plenty of novelty songs along with the usual X Factor winner, who is conveniently crowned just in time to release the annual Christmas single.

Ben Haenow won the X Factor last year and went on to scoop the Christmas top spot, with ‘Something I Need’, outstripping Band Aid 30’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’. Bob Geldof and co. may have been a little premature in the release of the single (in terms of the Christmas number one slot, anyway), as the reworked charity song sold 313,000 copies in it’s first week of release in November. Ben Haenow’s song was the second-fastest selling single of the year at the time, shifting over 214,000 copies to ascend to the top of the pile, and this year looks lined up for the X Factor once again.

Competitors include Adele, The Military Wives Choir, Justin Bieber, and even the Star Wars theme, but probably the biggest danger to Simon Cowell’s money-making scheme is the NHS Choir with their entry ‘A Bridge Over You’ – a rework of Coldplay’s Fix You, and Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water. The Choir, which is made up of NHS staff, finished second on Gareth Malone’s BBC2 show Sing While You Work, so they will have had plenty of exposure, and all proceeds will go to health charities.

It would be nice to think that the NHS Choir could be top on Christmas Day, but we bet with the head and not with the heart, so the  +110  on offer with Coral that the top spot will be taken by the eventual X Factor winner looks too good to miss.

Christmas Day TV Ratings

This is another market that captivates festive punters, possibly because there’s little else to do on Christmas Day after opening the presents and eating all the food, but sit back and watch a bit of telly! Last year the Queen’s speech took the highest ratings when BBC and ITV’s figures were combined, but thankfully the bookies do the decent thing and separate the two channels as separate bets, which completely opens up the market.

Mr Brown’s Boys Christmas Special took the prize for the most watched broadcast last year with 7.61 million viewers tuning in to see the raucous comedy. Eastenders wasn’t far behind with 7.55 million, with Strictly Come Dancing next with 6.98 million in its audience.

Betfair offer a pretty decent  +162  on Brendan O’Carroll’s comedy creation topping the charts again, but that strikes us as a little short considering the proximity in numbers to 2nd placed Eastenders. Is the novelty of Mrs Brown’s boys wearing off? It fell from 9.4 million viewers on the previous Christmas day, and at  +700  with Ladbrokes, the residents of Albert Square are surely in with a squeak.

Christmas Number One Video Game

Another market that has gained traction in recent years is the number one video game, and last year’s winning franchise can go in again. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare took the gong last year, and this time around the hot favourite is Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The competition comes from Star Wars Battlefront and FIFA 16, but the Call of Duty series is arguably the most successful gaming franchise of modern times, and Black Ops III has met with widespread approval in the gaming community. The price of  +175  with Coral  looks the one to be on, and it would be no surprise at all to see the first-person shooter go in again.

Tips Summary

White Christmas at Heathrow Airport, London
25th December 2015
Odds:  +500

White Christmas at Aberdeen Airport
25th December 2015
Odds:  +250

X Factor Winner to have Christmas Number One Single
25th December 2015

Eastenders to win Top Christmas Day TV ratings
25th December 2015
Odds:  +700

Call of Duty: Black Ops III to win Christmas Number One Video Game
25th December 2015
Odds:  +175

Christmas day tv ratings
Christmas number one
Christmas number one video game

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