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ColonyBet Bookmaker Review

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ColonyBet Summary

Colonybet bookmaker is an online bookmaker with over 30 years of experience in the betting and casino industry, who work closely with leading service providers in the UK.

It’s one of the many sites that operates under a Curacao licence, although it’s aimed at the Turkish market.

As the site only accepts players from Turkey, we recommend you click below to choose from our top-rated bookmakers.

  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Mastercard, Neteller, Paysafecard, Visa, Ecopayz
  • Restricted Countries: Turkish players only
  • Languages: Turkish

ColonyBet Features

  • Lots of different sport on offer to punters
  • Fantastic live betting match tracker graphic
  • Great selection of bonuses and promotions

Colourful and In Your Face but It Calms Down!

ColonyBet bookmaker is another of those sites that uses colour and fancy graphics to initially catch the eye of the punter – and in this case it looks pretty good and probably works. There’s not much subtlety on show, but the large rotating adds leave the punters in no doubt as to what’s on offer.

Once you have made your way past the home page, the sports betting pages are toned down considerably as we get to the nitty gritty of the site, and there is in fact a very basic and functional page, designed in the traditional three-column layout. It doesn’t get much more basic than black text on a white background, but that’s what you get, and in fairness, it works fine.

Bonuses? Promotions? Read On…

In line with other sites from the same stable, ColonyBet bookmaker offers a generous range of promotions and bonuses, with a conscientious effort having been made to attract new customers to the site and reward existing ones.

We’ll deliberately not be too specific on the bonuses, as these are subject to change, but what we can report is that at the time of our review there were a total of eight different promotions available for the sportbook. An impressive number.

These range from an excellent 100% welcome bonus for first-time users through to an interesting sounding 15% daily bonus for regular customers. It goes without saying that these and the other bonuses are all subject to the usual terms and conditions.

In summary, a very satisfactory selection on offer, but check as these will change periodically.

For live betting, they don’t have live streams but instead offer their punters one of the best live match trackers available on the web

Clever Selection of Sports – Plenty of Depth!

Some of the sites we have tested go for broke when it comes to the selection of sports they cover for their customers, and offer markets on every sport ever invented (and some they have invented themselves). ColonyBet bookmaker doesn’t go down this route but instead concentrate on a still-impressive 22 sports and by doing this they can go bigger and better, rather than spread their markets and bets thinly. In addition to the mainstream sports, they also offer their customers an E-Games. The full list is here:

Their football coverage is, as per the norm, by far their biggest, and they cover a staggering 68 countries across the world, ranging from the small, like Aruba and the UAE, through to the footballing giants like England, Spain, Germany and Italy. They also cover international football, and the big continental club tournaments.

In addition to their huge selection of counties and leagues, they also offer a phenomenal number of markets, with matches in the big leagues and competitions being offered to the customer with over 360 markets. In total, at the time of the review, they had a grand total of 539,000 markets! Take your pick.

Interestingly, basketball and American Football were the next two in the ‘number of markets’ league table with 21,000 and 15,000 markets respectively, with both being covered in extensive depth, both in terms of the spread of countries and the depth of bets on offer. Clearly, ColonyBet bookmaker have decided to focus in on the big US sports. For the big NFL games they over well in excess of 200 markets per match and for the NBA over 120 per game.

For live betting, they don’t have live streams but instead offer their punters one of the best live match trackers available on the web. Nothing beats watching a game live, but we consider this the next best thing. It is based on a large, live action graphic that literally offers a blow-by-blow account of the action as it happens, with a ball tracker and associated text commentary that allows the punter a genuine feel for the flow of the game.

Below the graphic is a huge array of bets with ever-changing odds, which can be clicked upon to place a bet with a single click. We tested it out on a Russian Youth game (of all things) and it worked well. Very good indeed.

In terms of odds and the value on offer, ColonyBet bookmaker were okay, but only okay. We tested their soccer odds in terms of the percentage to which they compile them and at an average of 107.3%, they are a little bit above what’s considered average.

To put this tech speak into context, a bet compiled to 100% offers the bookmaker a zero-profit margin and so the closer to 100% the odds the tighter their margin and better the bet for the customer. Within the betting industry, it’s generally accepted that odds compiled to between 105% and 106% are acceptable, and so for ColonyBet to compile theirs to an average of 107.3% was fair, but no better than that.

Betting on the Go Is Easy with ColonyBet

As tends to be the case these days, ColonyBet bookmaker is well geared up for those who like to bet on the go. While they have no iOS or Android apps available, they do have is a site that’s been configured perfectly to translate to a smartphone, tablet or phablet. Not for the first time, we’re able to say that the mobile version is as good if not better than the desktop equivalent. It can be accessed on a mobile browser using Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Depositing? Withdrawing? They Set Their Own Limits

ColonyBet offer their customers the chance to use the following methods:

Deposit Methods:

VisaNo FeeInstantMin 20TL / Max 200TL
MasterCardNo FeeInstantMin 20TL / Max 200TL
AstroPayNo FeeInstantMin 20TL / Max 200TL
NetellerNo FeeInstantMin 20TL / Max 200TL
ecoCardNo FeeInstantMin 20TL / Max 200TL
PaySafe CardNo FeeInstantMin 20TL / Max 200TL
PaykasaNo FeeInstantMin 20TL / Max 200TL
Bank TransferNo FeeInstantMin 20TL / Max 200TL

Payout Methods:

VisaNo FeeInstantN/A
MasterCardNo FeeInstantN/A
AstroPayNo FeeInstantN/A
NetellerNo FeeInstantN/A
ecoCardNo FeeInstantN/A
PaySafe CardNo FeeInstantN/A
PaykasaNo FeeInstantN/A
Bank TransferNo FeeInstantN/A

We’ve been careful not to include the minimum and maximum limits for pay-outs as they are managed by ColonyBet bookmaker on an individual basis.

Open to All and Sundry… Almost

The site defaults to Turkish but also translates nicely to English. The currency used is Turkish lira, as customers who are registered outside Turkey cannot register to bet on the site.

Safe and Secure. All Good

We are happy to report no security issues with this site – we found nothing found in our review to ring any alarm bells. As we always do, we did an online search in case there was anything outstanding, but it revealed no issues.

We had a very good experience with their Live Chat, which is available 24/7, and found them helpful and efficient. They also have an email helpline via an online contact form and an extensive list of FAQs.

Our Verdict

We liked the layout of the sportsbook on ColonyBet sportsbook although, as ever, were indifferent to the fancy graphics on the home page. It is nicely designed, and the functionality delivers a pleasant betting experience for the customer.

Their live betting service is exceptionally good, they offer an awful lot of markets – especially for football – but we were a little disappointed with the value of their odds, which compile to 107.3%. It’s okay, but no better than that.

Customers outside of Turkey are unable to sign up, so follow the link below to join one of our best betting sites.