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Where NFL Players Went to College

August 29, 2014

Have you ever wondered which colleges are currently turning out the pick of the NFL crop? Or maybe you just want to see how your college fares in recruiting and training future football stars?

In this infographic, you can find out which college has the most active NFL alumni for 2014 – making it crystal clear which colleges are the best for football in the USA.

That should settle some disputes!


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What are the chances of playing NFL football?

College football is tremendously popular and highly competitive. Alumni successes are a testament to a school’s investment in its athletes and a justifiable source of pride.

Being NFL betting crazy and suckers for odds, we look at what chance do you have of making it into the NFL?

  • More than one million high-school students participate in football every year
  • Only one in 17 of these will actually get to play college football
  • Of the college football seniors only one in 50 will be drafted by an NFL team
  • That means that just 9 in 10,000 (0.09%) of these hopeful high-school footballers are talented, and lucky, enough to be drafted by an NFL team

Some pretty long odds indeed: now back to the chosen few.

The best colleges for football in the USA right now

This infographic reveals the top 50 colleges that have produced the NFL’s current best and brightest players. It goes on to detail where this year’s draftees attended college, before breaking this down further for you and clearly showing the most productive colleges for various football positions. You can see at a glance where the 2014 draftees came from to play as Linebackers, Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Wide Receivers.

  • USC currently tops the list for Quarterbacks with 4 alumni drafted
  • Florida State excels with 7 Running Backs
  • LSU boasts 10 Wide Receivers
  • Fresno State claims 15 Linebackers

Quality or quantity?

Interestingly it also shows that those colleges currently providing the largest number of players are not necessarily those who have a record of producing future MVPs.

Between 1957 and 2013 Notre Dame has had 6 former students named MVPs. It currently has 41 active NFL players.

By contrast USC has 57 active players – significantly higher than any other college – but has only ever provided 2 MVPs.

So, perhaps the debates about the best college for football are not quite settled yet…

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