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What Is an Accumulator?

An accumulator contains at least four teams. It can contain many more and can offer astronomical payouts, especially if a few heavy underdogs are involved. It is essentially an all or nothing proposition that can be very fun and rewarding if things break your way.

An easy way to think of this bet is to imagine picking at least four teams. This bet consists of a single selection, in which all teams must win. If only one, two, or three teams win, you will not receive a payout. If all four teams win, you win.

Example of an Accumulator Bet With Even Money

An accumulator bet works like this:

  • Your bet consists of four (or more) selections.
  • These four teams are ‘linked’ in that you either win all four, or collect a payout, or one loses and the bet is a loser.
  • If Team A wins, your original stake plus any profits are rolled over and automatically bet on Team B.
  • Then those profits are rolled over to an all-or-nothing bet on Team C, and then again on Team D.

Let’s start with an easy example, which involves a four-fold accumulator with all teams at even money.

Team A wins. Your original bet is now added to your winnings to give you 2 units.

These 2 units is now rolled over and bet again, on Team B. They win as well.

You now have a 4-unit bet on Team C and they win.

These 8 units roll over to Team D – if they also win, you receive a return of 16 units.

However, most teams are not even money to win, there are usually underdogs and/or favourites involved in a four-fold accumulator.

Accumulator betting

Example of an Accumulator With Different Odds

Let’s take a look at a more involved example, where you have an accumulator bet with the following odds:

  • Team A (3.00)
  • Team B (4.00)
  • Team C (3.00)
  • Team D (6.00)

1 unit is bet on Team A at the 3.00 odds and they win. Now you have 3 total units (your original 1 unit and the 2 units from the win).

The 3 units are then bet on Team B, and if they win then you win a total of 12 units (3 units bet at 4.00 odds, plus the original 3 units).

Then the 12 units would be rolled over and bet on Team C at 3.00 odds, netting a return of 36 total units (the original 12, plus 24 units for a 3.00 hit).

Finally, the 36 units would be bet on Team D at 6.00 odds, which would result in a final payout of 216 units (your original 36 units, plus the profit of 180 units).

How To Place an Accumulator Bet

Here’s a quick guide on how to place an accumulator bet.

The first step is to find your favourite bookie and visit their site. Next, create an account, log in and make your first deposit. Depending on the bookmaker, the bet will be listed under the main menu of bets or possibly a subsection. Select the option labeled ‘accumulator’, and then choose how many teams you would like to include.

Some online bookmakers simply let you add teams to your bet until you’ve reached the maximum number of teams allowed on an accumulator.

So you may just need to choose teams until you’re satisfied and then proceed as if you were placing any other bet.

After you’ve picked the teams you will proceed on and you will get a ‘bet confirmation’ notice before your bet actually is official. This lets you have one last look at your selections before putting your cash at risk. Once the bet is entered, it is official and cannot be altered – so be careful, and good luck!

Tips for Accumulator Betting

There are various calculators available online that can help you check your odds before placing your bet. These calculators can come in handy because as we saw above, the odds are not always even money. So if you have an accumulator with various favourites or underdogs involved, you will need to check the odds or figure them out on your own to check your possible payouts.

Shopping around for the best odds is important when placing an accumulator. The higher the odds on each selection, the higher your accumulator will pay. Be sure to check around and find the best odds possible to increase your profits when you have a hot streak and win your accumulator.

There are various other accumulator-style bets available at online bookmakers, including a Yankee and Lucky 15.