Lucky 15

A Lucky 15 bet is a series of 4 different selections, each of which pays out on its own pay table. The four selections are (4) single bets, (6) double bets, (4) treble bets, and (1) fourfold accumulator bet.

You choose 4 teams (or horses, sides, etc) and then pick a bet amount. Each Lucky 15 bet is multiplied by 15, one unit for each leg of the bet. A 1-unit Lucky 15 bet would cost 15 units. The name Lucky comes from the bonus that comes when only one team wins.

Read on to learn more about how Lucky 15 bets work.

Understanding Lucky15

Lucky 15 Bet Example

An easy way to think of the bet is to imagine picking 4 teams, A, B, C, and D. Your Lucky 15 bet would then consist of these bets:

Straight (single) bets on teams
A, B, C, and D

Double (2 selections) bets on teams
AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, and CD

Treble (3 selections) bets on teams

Fourfold accumulator (4 selections) on teams

Most books offer a bonus if one and only one selection wins. A common bonus is 2x those odds. Some books offer 3x, this clearly is a great advantage to have when placing your bet.

Assuming even odds on all 4 bets, and assuming a 2x bonus if one team wins, if just team A wins, you would get paid 2 units, netting a loss of 13 units. If teams A and B win, you would win the 2 straight bets (one unit each), as well as one of the double bets (one unit+two units, for a total of three units), for a payout of 5 units. If teams A, B, and C win, you would win 3 straight bets (three units), 3 of the doubles (nine units), and one treble (seven units), for a total payout of 19 units. And if all four teams win, you would get paid on all of the bets, which would net a payout of 65 units (four units for single bets+18 units for the doubles+28 units for the trebles+15 units for the fourfold).

Lucky 15 Bet Payout Explained

Let’s go a bit more in-depth as to how I came up with these figures.

If team A wins, you win the straight bet on team A, but none of the other selections. This bet, assuming even odds, pays out one unit. But your bet costs 15 units, so you lose all the other bets. Again, most books pay a bonus on this “one out of four” scenario, so you would get a payout of either 2 or 3 units. Simple enough.

If teams A and B both win, you now win 2 of the single bets, which would pay you 2 units. You would also win the double bet “AB,” which means that you would win one unit on team A and then risk those 2 units (the original unit+the one you won) on team B, for a win of 2 units on team B. Adding the one unit from team A to the 2 units from team B, you come out ahead 3 units on that double.

Of course, very rarely will you place a bet where all four teams are even money. When different odds come into play, different payouts will result.

There are various calculators available online that can help you check your odds before placing your Lucky 15 bet. These calculators can come in handy because the odds are not always the same. So if you have a Lucky 15 with various favorites or underdogs involved, you will need to check the odds or figure them out on your own to check your possible payouts.

A quick example of this would be if you place a Lucky 15 bet with even ( +100 ) odds on every team except team B, which has +400 odds. Now let us take a look at some of the different payouts.

If only team B wins, you would get paid out on only the single bet for team B, but again, most books offer the bonus. So if just team B wins, you would get a payout of +800 from books that offer the 2x bonus.

If teams A and B win, you are in luck, because now you get paid +100 on team A, and +800 on team B, plus you would win the double bet where you win 1 unit on team A, and then take that 2 units and put it on team B, resulting in a payout of +1600 ! Of course, if the odds are higher, the payouts will increase as well, and if you are “lucky” enough to hit 3 or 4 legs of this bet with high odds, you can really cash in.

The math is similar for the trebles and the fourfold. If teams A, B, and C all win, you win the 3 single bets, 3 of the doubles, and one of the trebles. The treble works similarly in that you take one unit on team A, risk the win+original unit on team B, and risk it all again on team C.

Conclusion: Feelin’ Lucky?

If you’re really feeling a hot streak coming on, nothing beats a Lucky 15 bet. If you are able to hit all four games, your payout will be huge. Even if only one out of four teams wins, you still will get some money back. The sweet spot really comes when either 2 or 3 teams wins, which will happen a decent percentage of the time, and will result in a nice payout. Be sure to check your odds and make sure you line shop properly, so you nab the highest payouts available for your games.

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