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ZeroEdge Sports Review

Not Approved by SBO.net

ZeroEdge Summary

ZeroEdge sports is supposedly part of an innovative and forward-thinking online casino and bookmaker, soon to be launched. As their name suggests, they offer a novel idea of providing casino games with zero house edge.

To many this may seem like a ludicrous idea as having inbuilt margins into games etc. is how bookmakers make their money, but it could be a genius move, as in reality, most bettors lose their funds through poor bankroll management and a lack of discipline.

In addition to a zero edge on the casino, the firm promise to offer the best odds on sports betting. The ZeroEdge platform will be live once the funds have been raised through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of Zerocoins, in 2018.

  • US Players: N/A
  • Site founded: Due 2018
  • License: N/A
  • Bonus: (T&C Apply) N/A
  • Bonus Rollover: N/A
  • Last Updated: 25/09/2018
  • Mobile Compatible: N/A
  • Payment Methods: ZeroCoin, Bitcoin

ZeroEdger Features

  • Yet to be launched
  • Cryptocurrency betting site
  • Poor early reputation

ZeroEdge Pros

  • Will accept cryptocurrency deposits
  • Claims it will offer competitive odds

ZeroEdge Cons

  • Incomplete website
  • Poor reputation

ZeroEdge Concept

The masterminds behind the ZeroEdge platform are suggesting that the intention is that those who buy Zero Coin, fund the venture and also those who use it to gamble with, will profit from the proliferation of the cryptocurrency and subsequent rise in its value rather than rely on the cash flow generated from casino games if they had a high edge.

From the sports betting perspective, the firm intends to make money but do promise to offer small margins to customers, thus making it an enticing proposition to bet with them. The aim is to have thousands of gambling sites across the world using Zero Coin.

However, initial reports suggest that the proposed site could be a scam and the ICO offering may not be entirely legitimate.


Although under construction still, the website has for the most part been designed and developed.

A black, white and gold theme has been adopted and ZeroEdge sports has stuck with the industry standard three column layout – sports on the left, markets in the middle and bet slip on the right-hand side of the page.

Unfortunately, a blank ‘about us’ page and little development throughout 2018 set the alarm bells ringing for us.

Sports & Markets

ZeroEdge claims it will provide sports and live betting for customers to get their teeth stuck into. As it stands, the firm currently has football, rugby league, boxing, ice hockey, Aussie rules, MMA, cricket, tennis, basketball and rugby union on their list of sports. That is quite a limited roster of disciplines, with some noticeable absentees including baseball and American football. Bettors looking for cryptocurrency betting sites will find better bookmakers with more sports which are approved by us.

As the markets are not yet live, it is worth taking the ZeroEdge sports odds with a pinch of salt, as they do not have to account for weight of money or adjust their markets, but when looking at the odds for the World Cup, the 1X2 odds compiled to a total of 104.9%, which is solid but not market leading (the major European and Asian bookmakers work out to 102-103%). Boxing odds are 105.3% and cricket odds figure out to just over 106% – both of which are competitive percentages for their respective sports.

At present, there are no additional markets or bet types for any of the events, and this comes as no surprise as the site is not live, and the main odds shown for each are just for that – for show. There is no telling how these markets will stack up, if or when ZeroEdge goes live.

Deposit Methods

As mentioned in the introduction to ZeroEdge sports, the site and operation is almost a vehicle to raise the profile and value of the cryptocurrency Zero Coin. It is a savvy way to do so.

Therefore, when depositing, Zero Coin will be the preferred method to add funds to an account. Bitcoin also appears to be available as a payment type.

Customer Support

Potential customers are invited to contact ZeroEdge via e-mail on support@zeroedge.bet. Our advice is to look elsewhere for our best betting sites which are approved and legitimate.

Our Verdict

It’s hard to rate an online betting site which is yet to launch but ZeroEdge sports sounds like an innovative concept. However, the lack of evidence that it is a legitimate operation means we can only suggest that you steer well clear and find better places to bet.