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All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship 2015

March 11, 2015

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Infographic showing the structure of the All Ireland Senior Hurling Chamiponship 2015

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In the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, great pride is taken in the success of the County team. With the tournament ending in the home-place of the GAA – Croke Park, the victors have the honour of bringing the Liam Mac Carthy Cup home to their supporters. Each year they battle it out for this honour.

The All Ireland Hurling Championship Structure

The above info-graphic shows the structure of the 2015 All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship. It shows when the games are being played, by whom and where to watch them (from anywhere in the world). The main stadium in each county is highlighted and the (debateable) nicknames shown. See who has won The All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship the most amount of times and who has been the most prolific of runner ups!

Inter-County Cups

To give a better idea of the structure of the All Ireland the info-graphic shows the format of the Inter-County Cups and the tier individual counties are in. With a chance to advance to the next cup in 2016, each year is important! Hurling is a game played by amateurs (meaning they play for the love of the game not for the love of money) and enjoyed by millions. We hope you enjoy the upcoming All Ireland Championship as much as we enjoyed putting this info-graphic together!

You can find the sources for this info-graphic here.

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