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Scam Bookmaker: GetWin

GetWin is an online bookmaker operating out of Malta; it services bettors from mostly all countries, except the United States. A trip to GetWin.com would impress perspective bettors, as the site is sleek looking and has an easy to use interface. However, GetWin’s reputation isn’t as impressive as its website.

Amusing Claims

The “About GetWin”, page comprises their philosophy on customer service, “Fast and friendly customer service and swift payouts are the top priority for GetWin. The company believes that success lies in the satisfaction of their customers.”[1]

It’s amusing to read these lines from GetWin management, because the above statement could not be further from the truth. Since being rated by Bookmaker Review in early 2011, GetWin has been dishonest with players, confiscated funds without warning, and has continually slow played customers.

Taking Advantage of a Slow Line = Syndicate Betting

On March 24th, 2011 management confiscated at least €8,000 in winnings from players who were accused of syndicate betting. The players were completely unrelated to one another, but all filled similar complaints with SBR.[2] GetWin confiscated the money without recourse and did not prove that the player accounts in question were even related to one another.

Syndicate betting is sometimes a rather ambitious charge by a bookmaker to seize funds, and one that certainly needs to be well documented.

Management quickly confiscated funds, without warning, and did not show the players in question any evidence to back up their accusation.

Players bemoaned the seizure by GetWin across many internet gambling forums including The Gambling Times. Players in the thread quickly swapped stories of their accounts being suspended and funds being held. The consensus seemed to be that GetWin was suspending those who hit a good line after a move because the book was slow to move their odds.

So basically, GetWin was suspending bettors for steam wagers. They were asleep at the wheel, and a few savvy bettors took advantage. Management was likely not happy about this sharp action and confiscated their funds.

LGA Dispute

The players involved in the syndicate betting scandal quickly took their dispute to Malta’s gaming body, The Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

The LGA investigated these claims and ruled that 11 out of 16 accounts would be unblocked, as there was not enough evidence to substantiate syndicate betting.

These accounts would be reopened, and the funds would be available for withdrawal. The other five accounts still had investigations pending.

It is hard to say if management acted because they had clearly been in the wrong, or if it was a result of pressure placed on them by SBR, the LGA, and the betting public. It would seem to be the latter, as it took six long months to free up these balances, and it was only after SBR and the LGA got involved that they decided to change their mind.

Turning the Corner

SBR reported that GetWin was possibly “turning the corner” in December of 2011. After reopening the player accounts of suspected syndicate bettors, GetWin revamped their terms and conditions, and removed the suspect language they used to confiscate player funds.

GetWin’s management told the LGA that it would try to improve player communication, and provide a more secure environment for bettors. Though, things seemed to be getting better for GetWin and its customers, it would only be short lived.

Slow Pays

Less than a month after SBR upgraded their rating from D+ to C-, GetWin began slow paying players. In early January, 2012, multiple players filed payout disputes totaling over €1,600.

Again, just over a month later, the payout disputes had swelled to over $15,800. GetWin provided no timetable for withdrawal requests and left players with generic updates. Many players were ignored altogether, and even those who received replies were given no concrete information regarding their payouts.

Players lamented their concerns in many threads across internet sports betting forums, such as this thread at SBR’s Forum.[3] Many users are furious with GetWin’s actions regarding their payout complaints. Players who likely did not contact SBR or the LGA about their funds in limbo seem to have a much harder time of getting paid.

Many players and industry experts seem to agree that, without the LGA or SBR on their side, GetWin may have gotten away with massive amounts of player theft.

Fast Forward to the Present Day

GetWin is still operating and has slow play complaints dating back to March 2012.

If you have requested a withdrawal and not received funds in a timely matter, it is best to contact Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority, and the Bookmaker Review. Getting a third party involved is possibly the only way to get a positive resolution.

GetWin should be a cautionary tale for sports bettors, the site had a great interface, and from the outside looked like a great place to wager. However, it turned out management was dishonest, and the company was likely losing money from being asleep at the wheel during line moves.

It is unknown what the real issue is at GetWin, they could be operating “on the float”, which means they are accepting deposits to pay off other players, and are in poor financial condition. Regardless, GetWin should not even be considered as an option for sports bettors.

There are so many great options for international sports bettors, and this book is definitely not one of them.


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