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EnterBet’s Website Is a Total Debacle

Founded in 1997, EnterBet is a part of the GoTo Entertainment group. Depending on which part of their website you look at, EnterBet was founded in 1998 instead. The site’s “About Us” page claims they were incorporated in 1998 but the banner above it says they have been open since 1997.[1] Given the other errors and mistakes throughout the site, this is hardly surprising.

Unprofessional Book

EnterBet’s website and phone support are full of so many lowlights that we could almost fill the entire article with them: A non functioning live help feature, a wagering phone number that leads to a generic “we’re sorry, unavailable” message, and an account sign up process that is a total joke are just some of the issues. When users try to sign up, they are told that anyone who signs up with “yoursite.com” gets a 15% CASH bonus.

The owners of the site are either too lazy or too stupid to change “yoursite.com” to the proper site name. Signing up is easy because the site doesn’t bother to make sure you use a real email address or secure password. And once you sign up the site features a message that “MasterCard Is Back!”

The message also asked if California Chrome would win the Triple Crown in horse racing. The only problem is, the race is already over. To top it off there is sloppy formatting and improper capitalization throughout the site.

In 2008, EnterBet was down for almost an entire week, and players were directed to a sister site to make bets. With these issues on the website and phone, it is easy to see how unprofessional EnterBet is. Complaints over the years also prove that it is a scam book that repeatedly burns its customers.

Over a Dozen Ways of Luring Customers In

EnterBet offers over a dozen different bonuses and specials intended to suck players in, including absurd 50% and 30% deposit bonuses.

The company also tries to appear customer friendly by offering to “do their best” to match any competitor’s bonus offer. The kicker is that it must be from a “reputable gaming site” according to EnterBet. If that isn’t the height of hypocrisy then we aren’t sure what is.

EnterBet prominently features football on its site and in its bonus offers, which makes sense for a scam book because football season is the most popular time for players, especially recreational players, to deposit funds. This inflow of funds allows even the worst of the worst to appear solvent, if just for a few weeks.

That explains the specials such as the free half point on college football games and the reduced juice on NFL lines and Monday Night teasers.

EnterBet Payouts and Customer Service Are Also a Total Debacle

EnterBet has a long history of excuses as to why it can’t pay customers on time and in full, dating back to at least 2004. Back then a player was owed almost $3000 and was put on a payment plan of a few hundred per week. The site claimed it got “killed” and didn’t have the cash to pay out in full.

In 2010, an EnterBet player who was owed $5,300 tried to cash out in three chunks. For some reason, the site credited his account back for the second request and then threatened to bill him $100 for every phone call he made to EnterBet. Call us crazy but charging your customers $100 for checking the status of a withdrawal doesn’t seem like a great way to so business.

Other players were labeled “sharp”, and their accounts locked or severely limited, even though there was flimsy evidence at best to support this claim. EnterBet’s own website also says “sports wagering is a game of skill…Take the time to educate yourself and watch the winnings role (sic) in!”[2] At least one player already frustrated and on a payment plan reported being slow paid on the payment plan itself.

In maybe the worst case of all, a player who complained to SportsBook Review about a $2,000 slow pay was stuck waiting for almost three years before finally squaring up.[3] Of course, EnterBet did not have an accurate record of the total owed, and the fed up player figured getting something is better than getting nothing, and agreed to a settlement.

Correlated Parlays Handled Incorrectly

In 2010, a dispute came up between EnterBet and a player about correlated parlays. These are parlays where there is a high relationship between the spread and total, which makes combinations of favorite/over or underdog/under extremely profitable.

Reputable betting sites all have quality control in place and restrictions on correlated parlays and do not allow the wagers to be accepted by their systems. For scam books like EnterBet, correlated parlays often offer a chance to take a shot at the customer.

We have seen other less than reputable sportsbooks accept correlated parlays, and then if the customer loses money, nothing is said or done. If the customer wins, the site will often go back and cry foul and void the already settled bets.

EnterBet handled things a bit differently in this case. They accepted the parlays, and after the player won some money, admitted in the open that they would be slow paying the winnings. One player waited over a year and a half for $4,000 worth of withdrawals.[4]

This is over the top and amateurish, as well as unfair. The customer took all of the risks, and if EnterBet did not plan on paying out in a timely manner then it shouldn’t have taken the bets.

Customers Should Not Enter or Bet at EnterBet

With a cheap looking and dated website, a non working live chat and phone service as well as errors and bugs galore it is best to avoid EnterBet on that basis alone. Anyone who can’t maintain a decent website probably shouldn’t be trusted with your money.

Throw in the ridiculous amount of complaints, slow pays, and other tactics described here and it is obvious that EnterBet is nothing more than a 100% scam operation. In fact, this article did not even cover all the different ways EnterBet has screwed players over the years.

Do not deposit to EnterBet or anywhere else you see the GoTo Entertainment brand.


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