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5 of Paddy Power’s Strangest Betting Markets

September 11, 2014

As one of the leading bookmakers in the UK it is only natural for Paddy Power to branch out into all manner of sports, from football and cricket to diving and sumo wrestling. Dig a little deeper and you’ll notice they also offer a range of novelty bets that cover everything from the latest twists and turns in television soaps to galaxies far, far away. Take a look at our list of the top 5 strangest betting markets currently available over at Paddy Power.

We Come in Peace

et yes

If you’re the type of person to stock up on rations and wear a tinfoil hat whilst cursing that the rest of the world are blind fools, this is the one for you. Paddy Power are offering odds on when the existence of alien life will be proven. You can get 66/1 on it happening this year, or 100/1 on any of the next four years you choose. In order to cash in on the bet there will need to be an announcement from the US President – whoever it may be at that time – confirming beyond doubt the existence of an alien life form.

Interestingly, betting on such a discovery occurring in the year 2020 or later sees the odds plummet to just 1/80. It seems old Paddy does believe in aliens after all.

Who Killed Lucy Beale?

Did you guess who shot Phil Mitchell? Were you first to twig that it was Stacey that did away with Archie? If you’re a bit of a detective when it comes to Eastenders then you have a chance to clean up – Paddy Power are currently accepting bets on who killed Lucy Beale. There is no runaway favourite with Lola and Jay the shortest odds both at 7/2, but personally we like the sound of Dot Cotton at 200/1 – way overpriced. It’s just something about the way she looks at us over the top of that oh-so-innocent tomato juice…

What a Beauty


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it seems it can also be measured in quantifiable odds. Customers have the option of betting on who will win the decorated title of Sexiest Woman in men’s magazine FHM. Ex-corrie babe Michelle Keegan will be walking around with a smile on her face after being backed into 4/1 favourite, but her closest rival Jennifer Lawrence looks a good price at 6/1. The Hunger Games star became the talk of the internet community after her nude pictures were leaked in a hacking scandal, and will certainly be a frontrunner in the contest.

And the Bonus Ball is…

If betting on the numbers in the next lottery draw simply isn’t enough for your insatiable thirst, Paddy is here to help. Their extensive market covers all aspects of the next live draw, including whether the bonus ball will be odd or even, and what colour it will be. You can have a punt on the lowest or highest number to be drawn, and if you’re feeling particularly psychic you can guess the specific bonus ball number.

A Royal Market


People in the UK can go a bit barmy for Royals whenever a big occasion comes along. Maybe it’s patriotism at its finest, or maybe it’s all added drinking from the bank holidays, but for whatever reason the whole country seems to get stuck in when the Royals come to town. It’s about to happen all over again as Wills and Kate have announced that there are expecting a second child, and Paddy Power have wasted no time on opening markets. Of course you can bet on the baby’s name – Philip, Victoria and Elizabeth are the current favourites for obvious reasons – but it doesn’t stop there. Eager punters can gamble on a crazy range of markets from the hair colour and weight of the baby to the time of birth and his or her first overseas visit.

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