Kaine Able to Strengthen Clinton’s Election Ticket

Tim Kaine provides betting value in the Vice Presidential Candidate race.

Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for the American Presidential Election so talk has turned to whom will be her running mate for the 8 November vote.

Most bookmakers betting on the vice presidential candidate race favour Elizabeth Warren, a 66-year-old Massachusetts senator who burst on to the national scene criticising the perceived inequities of Wall Street. Warren has shown that she is not afraid of taking presumptive Republican Party nominee Donald Trump to task, calling the larger-than-life character as a “loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud” in a recent speech. Bookmakers may be leaning towards Warren because she is popular with the supporters of Bernie Sanders, who missed out on the big prize through failing to topple Clinton. But Warren’s progressive views may turn off moderate Republicans who are not in love with Trump and, at the risk of pointing out the bleeding obvious, she is a woman. Is America ready for a presidential ticket featuring two females? One knows that it is 2016 but one doubts that America is ready for Clinton as president and Warren as vice president. Also, Clinton and Warren have had a frosty relationship in the past, the latter does not represent either a traditional swing state or any key demographics and the latter is an ambitious lady with the potential to overshadow the former.

According to media reports, Clinton is narrowing her list of candidates to run alongside her later this year. Three names keep coming up and they are Warren, Julian Castro and Tim Kaine. Castro, 41, is Latino but surely that group is much more likely to vote for Clinton than Trump anyway and it is not as though he has blown off anyone’s socks while serving in Barack Obama’s White House administration. One believes that Kaine should be the favourite to be Clinton’s running mate in the American Presidential Election yet Betfair is offering the big odds of +400  about him.

Kaine is a senator for Virginia, one of the key American Presidential Election battlegrounds – Obama won the state with 51.16 per cent of the vote four years ago. An attorney by trade, Kaine was on Obama’s shortlist in 2008 before the man who became president chose to go with Joe Biden instead. Washington commentators view Kaine as a safe and unexciting option but that is exactly what Clinton needs in one of the wildest American Presidential Election races ever. Kaine, who ran a school in Honduras in between studying at Harvard University, speaks fluent Spanish, comes from modest roots and knows how to work with both sides of politics. Unlike Warren and Castro, Kaine may attract some of the voters who are toying with the idea of lending their support to Trump.

Clinton is probably just a few weeks away from announcing her American Presidential Election running mate. Warren is the darling of the media because she makes for good copy but, in the cold light of day, one thinks that the Clinton camp will play it safe and opt for Kaine as her sidekick.

Tips Summary

Tin Kaine to be announced as Hilary Clinton’s Vice President Candidate
Odds:  +400

Hilary Clinton
Tim Kaine
US Election
Vice Presidential candidate

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