Barrack for Obama’s Wife in 2020 Election Race

Michelle Obama would be guaranteed support if she ran for president.

No-one else will stand a chance of securing the Democratic Party nomination for the 2020 American presidential election if Michelle Obama decides to have a crack at the White House so one is willing to a punt on the outgoing First Lady.

In the most remarkable American presidential election of all time, Donald Trump upset Hillary Clinton to succeed Barack Obama as the leader of the free world. One always thought that Clinton was a vulnerable candidate because, as this year’s American presidential election proved, she is a polarising character that even members of the Democratic Party do not love unconditionally. But one was astonished that Trump ended up being the Republican Party member to stop Clinton becoming America’s first female president.

The United States of America – and the world – have four years of a Trump presidency to look forward to and, while one expects that the incoming leader will not follow through with some of election promises, one thinks that the land of Uncle Sam will be open to a change by the time that the 2020 American presidential election rolls around.

Unless Trump is a total disaster as American president, it is difficult to make a case for any other Republican Party politician in betting on the 2020 American presidential election – the convention is that the incumbent gets a chance at going back to back. So one is willing to put a black line through the likes of Mike Pence, Mario Rubio and Paul Ryan. Besides, if Trump does end up being absolutely hopeless, he would have ruined the Republican Party’s brand.

American politics pundits are making early cases for the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Andrew Cuomo but Michelle Obama, who is available at odds of +1400  with SkyBet to follow in the footsteps of her husband in 2020, only has to run for office for the Democratic Party nomination to be hers. Obama has said that she has no interest in running for the American presidency and one of her husband’s top aides commented that he would bet everything that he owns against the current First Lady pitching for the top job.

But there is a lot of time to go before Michelle Obama – or anyone else for that matter – has to throw their hat into the ring. For example, Clinton announced her 2016 American presidential election candidacy in April 2015 and Trump joined the race only one month earlier. Obama’s fans have more than two years to twist her arm into running and, if Trump dismantles several of her husband’s policies, she may not be able to resist the opportunity. Obama has polling numbers that would make her incredibly hard to beat in a public vote and, as Trump demonstrated, not being a career politician may be viewed as an advantage in today’s age.

Betting on an event that has four years to conclude means that one has to obtain double-digit odds to make it worth one’s time. Michelle Obama is attractively priced at odds of +1400  because one does not expect her to drift in the short term and, if she makes any positive noises about running for the Democratic Party nomination for the 2020 American presidential election, she will contract quickly and sharply. She is a good back-to-lay prospect at worst.

Tips Summary

Michelle Obama to be US President
2020 Election
Odds:  +1400

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Michelle Obama
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US Presidential race 2020

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